[RELEASE] Home Assistant Device Bridge (HADB)

Hi - HADB has been incredibly powerful and useful. Just wanted to note one UI issue that has caught me a couple times. It seems that the screen area that counts as clicking on "Deselect all devices" is very wide. Twice now I got a notification saying "Click again to deselect all", and even though I didn't want that and tried hard not to click anywhere, it happened anywhere and I lost all my selections. And there was no Cancel option, so I had to start from scratch.

I never noticed that you could click on the text to the right of the toggle switches. That is weird, but I hoped having to click twice would make that less likely.

In the time since we released this app, Hubitat added this option for dropdown lists in apps:

Would it be preferable (and less error prone) to have that and for the buttons below to just go away entirely?

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For me anyway - yes that would be better.

I think what got me was that Maker API has a similar interface for selecting devices, but in that App, if you click outside the list it just closes the list, whereas in HADB clicking outside the list seems to choose the deselect all button.

Thanks for asking!

I just posted v0.1.52 with some UI improvements as suggested by @hokfujow.

Thanks for the suggestion and for your help with testing it, @hokfujow.


Thanks for the amazingly quick response!

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Health check capability has been added to all custom generic components (Devices which use built-in component don't have that capability). This is not essential nor a fix, so the package version was not updated. You can update them manually or repair in HPM if you realy need this functionality.

Note: This feature won't work if you enabled the "disregard unavailable states" in the parent device.


Hello my Home Assistant IP address changed. If I update the IP address in the configuration and keep the same Long-Lived Access token will all my selected devices stay in place or will it clear all of my selections?

It should not matter if you change the IP address in the settings for HADB. That is only used for making the connection between HE and HA, but it doesn't actually change anything about the child devices directly.

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Version 1.53 comes with a fix for CT lights and allow multiple instances of the app (for different HA installations)

Edit: technically it can also be use for the same HA... maybe someone has a use case for that.


Interesting, but given that the device filtering is done on the Hubitat side, that would be double the processing load.

That's true, but it's a really small amount of processing per entity, and as @ymerj said, maybe someone has a use case. The way we had it before (only one HADB app instance per hub) was unnecessarily restrictive.

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I was able to add my about 10 years old RD200 RadonEye detector into Home Assistant.
Latest HADB easily picked up this new device:

The device produces a correct data but came as "Generic Component Unknown Sensor".
This is not a problem at all but is it any chance to make this sensor somewhat known?

As per instructions:

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Here is a related new devise portion of log:

dev:17632023-02-25 05:17:34.317 PMdebugparse(): description = {"id":1,"type":"event","event":{"event_type":"state_changed","data":{"entity_id":"sensor.fr_r20_sn0147_radon","old_state":{"entity_id":"sensor.fr_r20_sn0147_radon","state":"0.65","attributes":{"state_class":"measurement","unit_of_measurement":"pCi/L","icon":"mdi:radioactive","friendly_name":"FR:R20:SN0147 Radon"},"last_changed":"2023-02-25T22:07:30.432551+00:00","last_updated":"2023-02-25T22:07:30.432551+00:00","context":{"id":"01GT59VTM0JZBWB1ZWP4NSNK3E","parent_id":null,"user_id":null}},"new_state":{"entity_id":"sensor.fr_r20_sn0147_radon","state":"0.54","attributes":{"state_class":"measurement","unit_of_measurement":"pCi/L","icon":"mdi:radioactive","friendly_name":"FR:R20:SN0147 Radon"},"last_changed":"2023-02-25T22:17:33.435666+00:00","last_updated":"2023-02-25T22:17:33.435666+00:00","context":{"id":"01GT5AE7FV800NW3N5SJ4YBQ74","parent_id":null,"user_id":null}}},"origin":"LOCAL","time_fired":"2023-02-25T22:17:33.435666+00:00","context":{"id":"01GT5AE7FV800NW3N5SJ4YBQ74","parent_id":null,"user_id":null}}}

As I mentioned, everything is working as expected.
But I guess, it is better to convert unknown device into known (if this is not a big deal).

It really depends exactly how your device reports. I did write a radon component sensor, it is based on reporting units being Bq/m3

Is your sensor reporting in this unit ?

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If you replace the line
if (unit_of_measurement in ["Bq/m³"]) device_class = "radon"


if (unit_of_measurement in ["Bq/m³","piC/L"]) device_class = "radon"

In your local copy of the driver, does it work ?


So far I am using very successfully HADB application and drivers.
Yesterday I came across potential integration RD200 RadonEye with Home Assistant.
So, it took me about 10 min to add and start this integration in HA.
It immediately found my RD200 sensor.
Since I already have everything HADB installed it also picked up this new toy.
It works just fine but reported as "Unknown Sensor".
Actually I am 100% OK with this integration "as is" but prefer to convert
"Unknown Sensor" into something known, say Radon Sensor or so
if this is not a big deal to add/update.

As of today I don't have any use case for this Radon Sensor (I brought it
to my apartment in Florida from my house in Massachusetts) but I like to
have all my toys integrated just in case. Now I can see current Radon
level on a Air Quality Dashboard. That about it for now.

Not sure I follow. Does the change suggested by @mboisson works for you or not?

Note: you probably also have to manually change the relevant component from Generic Component Unknown Sensor to Generic Component Radon Sensor.


Ops. I am sorry, I completely missed the point.
Sure, I will try the change suggested by @mboisson

I added code for the "Generic Component Radon Sensor "
and applied the suggested changes.
Everything works as expected.

Thank you all for the help.