[RELEASE] Holiday Switcher

This isn't something I'm really going to maintain much but I needed something to do this so I thought I'd share... It allows you to pick holidays from a list and it will turn a switch on on those days. Cobra originally had something similar but since he took his apps down, I threw one together quickly to meet my needs. It will also let you define some custom dates for things that aren't really holidays but you want the switch toggled anyway.


Like I said, I don't really intend to add any additional features to this, just needed something to meet my needs but I'd be happy to accept pull requests for enhancements from others.


With Easter coming up, I'm thankful for this app!

Anybody using this find the service stopped updating after New Year’s Eve?

Hmm. Good catch. My holiday switch is stuck at “on” as of midnight New Year’s Eve….not sure what’s up either

Seems like a bug but not sure what would cause it unless you’re hub was turned off all day on 1/1/22. Will need to look closer. But if you run through the app setup again it should fix it

Yeah, I just “done’d” out of the app, and everything seems okay. Pls share if you see different behavior.

Is anybody still having problems? I noticed that my switch hasn't flipped (sounds gross, but I digress) since January 18th. I presume this when the switch flipped to off after MLK's birthday on the 17th.

It could be that this is because there has been no holiday since then? Planning to watch what happens on Presidents Day.

I’ll have to look. Honestly since I’ve started working from home I haven’t really used the app myself.

Hey @dman2306, you had a chance to look at this? I'm not getting any switching for quite some time. Anyone else?

Edit: Just noticed that Calenderific updated their API. From their website: “We have updated our API to version 2.0 to support all countries, states and regions with increased data points. Please update your API calls to v2. V1 of the API has been deprecated. Contact info@calendarific.com with any questions.“. Calendarific Holiday API Documentation

Wonder if this is the source of the problem? Or am I the only one facing this issue?

I just noticed my switch stopped working Dec 31 (obviously I haven't used the switch that much). The version of Holiday Switcher that I have installed already uses v2 of the API, so I don't think that's the issue. Moreover, I also use Calendarific in my Dynamic Image Switcher app, and it's been working just fine, so I'm not sure what's up with Holiday Switcher.

LOL now I noticed that my switch did flip for Memorial Day this Monday. Are you sure there was a holiday in your setup since 1/1?

@JustinL @mluck know that Dominic is no longer active and moved on from HE. An alternative to this app is the Google Calendar search that I am maintaining since Google provides a holiday calendar. I use it for mail and trash collection notifications as an example to remind of holidays of no delivery or collection. Details can be found here:


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