[RELEASE] HD+ - Android Dashboard

Glad you figured it out! Took me a lot longer...lol. Wasn't until I saw the sample line of code that app looks for that I figured out what the App ID was.

Yeah, it does look like the year in that small status text.. I'll remove that and think about how I can offer some split date/temp tile

I'm glad you got in but I'd like to figure out why the auto login logic didn't work. I've never had to enter an app ID or token.. even an IP address on the beta version which auto discovers the hub.

If you or anyone else is able to reproduce that auto login failure - there's an option in the beta version to send the logs which would help me figure out why it didn't work. It's in the 'advanced -> support / feedback' link

Right now that's only in the beta version but I'm going to do a production release soon too

With 1.0.878, changing display options seems to only affect the top row of tiles (also they get taller if a larger size is selected) until the app is restarted. Minor inconvenience, except on the Relay where it requires going into Android settings and force quitting the app.


Very impressive; especially the speed. I'm looking to do something similar for my home, but slightly more customized. Using Maker API, but it's not the right vehicle.

I'm a complete noob with websockets and MQTT. Is there a source to understand how to form such connections with Hubitat? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Ask and ye shall receive

It's the latest in a series of development releases. You can find TMI just by searching for MQTT.


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Thank you. Much appreciated.

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Yikes, I didn't notice that. Thanks - I'll get it fixed!

I've been a little overwhelmed with work lately so I haven't had much time to work on the dashboard. I was hoping it would have slowed down by now but it won't last forever. I did pickup a Samsung camera which supposedly supports rtsp video so I can start working on supporting that as well


Let me start by saying implementation and use of this app is simple and powerful. I've been "messing" around with it for the past handful of days.

I do have one question. I have Hubigraphs installed and would like to get some of the graphs on the dashboard. I'm having problems doing this.

The format for a direct URL (as provided in Hubigraphs) is like the following:

When I try to put this in the dashboard, I either get errors or nothing at all. Not sure if there is something that I'm doing wrong, or what. Any help would be appreciated.

Are the URL's pointing to an image or something else like a HTML page? If it's an image it should work. I might be able to see the issue if you send me a device log (nav menu -> about -> support).

I'm not sure how to collect the log and send it (maybe some help with that?).

The image url tile gives me "Image failed to load!" and then the URL I typed.

The video url tile gives me "Error opening" and then the URL I typed.

Not sure if that helps any with understanding the problem I'm having.

The last line of the previous post tells you how. You get the "nav" menu by swyping right from the left edge.

I looked at Hubigraphs - it looks like the URL's point to a HTML page (Google Charts) so the image or video URL tiles won't work. What you're looking for is an embedded browser (WebView).. I actually started working on that a while back but it's not in the app today. What I wasn't sure about is if/how to handle touch events. But, now that I know there's a use case for it I'll move it up the TODO list.

OK. Well, glad to know it was not a user error on my part.

Looking forward to when this would work in your dashboard app

Done a search in thread and didn't find this: I messed up a tile, changing its background colour etc. Is there a way to "reset to default" on one tile?

Hi, yes and it's not super obvious so hopefully others will find this later.

To reset the background color for a device (or device type or even all devices):

  • edit the device
  • background color
  • in the "Apply to" dialog select what you want to reset. For a single device, select "This device"
  • in the Favorite Colors list, scroll all the way to the right and select the color with the "X" in it
  • hit OK

To reset a custom icon do basically the same thing:

  • edit the device
  • device icon
  • in the "Apply to" dialog select what you want to reset. For a single device, select "This device"
  • select "Reset" button at the top of the icon dialog
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FYI - I pushed a fix last night (1.0.892) for this one. I'll get it out to the release version well

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Hi, sorry to reply so late to this one. Can you send me a device log so I can see what to look for to tell if a thermostat is in F or C? To send the logs, hit Nav Menu -> About -> Feedback

Once I figure that out it should be easy to update

Thank you :slight_smile:

version 1.0.896 (beta)

I checked in early support for adding a web URL tile to the app. Basically, this is a device tile that in the back end uses a WebView (mini browser) to display most any URL. I want to stress early because there's a million tweaks and options that can be done to this and none of them are there right now. But, I'd love any feedback. To start put the app in edit mode -> Add Device -> Web URL

Right now, the tile will show the page as loaded but you can't interact with it. If you click on it it'll open a large popup which you can interact with in a limited way. I think the key with this is to find URL's that work/display well in a VERY small space.

As an interesting example, I added a direct link to a built-in Hubitat dashboard to see what happens..