[RELEASE] GoControl Garage Door Opener

I have released a custom driver for the GoControl series of garage door openers.

This driver supports the GoControl GD00Z Garage Door Openers manufactured by Nortek and sold under various brand names including GoControl, Linear and ADT.

In addition to the standard open/close functions of the built-in generic driver, this driver provides support for monitoring the tilt sensor for both battery and tamper, supports power/range testing and provides firmware/hardware version information.

The largest benefit of the driver over the generic driver is monitoring the battery in the tilt sensor. The tilt sensor does not actually transmit a battery level, but simply a notification when the battery is low. While the generic driver logs a message when the battery is low, it does not provide a battery capability so you cannot create a notifier to let you know when the battery needs to be changed. You can guess why I originally wrote the driver. :slight_smile:

Since the unit does not provide an actual level, how the driver handles this is that the battery is reported as 100% until the battery is low, and then drops to 1% when the battery needs to be replaced. Not as useful as a full level value, but it does allow you to create a standard notifier based on the battery.

Once the battery is changed and the tilt sensor is re-installed, use the Reset Tilt Sensor command to return the battery level to 100% and clear the tamper notification. You should also use this command when you initially switch to this driver in order to initialize the tilt sensor values.

The driver is developed and tested with the GD00Z-8-GC, but should work with any of the current GD00Z Z-Wave Plus models. It may also work with the prior generation (non Plus) models, but no guarantees.

The driver is available via HPM or directly via the link below.


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This is great. I have updated my drivers.
When one of my tilt batteries started to go I had no idea what was going on. Damn door would report open in the middle of the night, even though it wasn't, and had be thinking someone was breaking in.
Nothing worse than all the speakers in the house yelling, Intruder Calling 911, police are on their way at 03:00

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I don'tsee battery as a state or status attribute?

same here ..updated one of mine.. hit refresh and even opened closed.. but dont see battery

will it only appear when the ellusive battery message is sent?

Screenshot 2023-11-17 143625

Press the Reset Tilt Sensor

yep i figured that out thanks.. so rule would be when it reads 1% alert you.

Also, you need to refresh the page after you change drivers. You still see additional fields in the Device Details Data section. Firmware and hardware version information.

In my case, it folds in with my other battery warnings, which trigger at levels < 5%

I didn't see a Config button so all I did was Refresh. Reset sounded like I might regret trying it and finding out I reset something that I didn't know how to get back :slight_smile:
PS: I have a powerlevel in attributes but no battery which is what I'm testing in code.

using notification app

It just resets the battery level to 100% and clears the tamper alarm. It doesn't do anything to the actual device. :slight_smile:

Care to say a few words about power and range testing?

What are the parameters for Range and Power test?
I tried the Dec node num for my openers and always a fail.

Battery showed up in the Status Attribute, just took some time.

have you got around the once a year or so issue with the damn thing (gd00z) stopping to work.. i had to put a switch behind the plug so i could reset the garage opener without climbing a ladder.

Mine have caused me grief only when the tilt battery goes. Putting in a new one require an on/off.

Range Testing is just like what you would find on various extenders. Here are a few notes copied and edited from my other threads.

Range Test and Power Test are standard Z-Wave tests. Not all devices have the ability.

Range Test sends pings to a given target at the power specified, and reports how many replies it receives. The pings are a direct (non routable) transmission directly from the GoControl to the node you are testing against. Note that the node number to test against is in decimal. A common test would be to see if you can reach the hub (node 1) directly.

Power Test operates the GoControl Z-Wave radio at reduced transmit power for a period of time. This is useful for general testing of paths through the GoControl (yes, the garage door opener is a Z-Wave repeater).

For both items testing at lower power levels gives you an indication of reliability. If the GoControl functions at -9dBm in testing, you can be pretty confident that it will preform reliably at normal power level. However, if the device starts to loose packets by -2dBm, you probably need to find a better location.


Hi, Thanks for the driver. Is it possible to adjust the delay / flashing before open / close. I understand for closing its safer but don't see a reason of delay for opening. It's annoying to stand outside the door after sending the open command and then wait for the door to open. Are these delay hardcoded in the opener or can they both be adjusted / removed ??

I agree opening is a pain but I think it's hard coded.