[RELEASE] GE/Jasco Power Monitoring Zigbee Smart Switch (45853, 45856)

So I figured I might as well drop this here, even though Mike has said 2.1.6 will contain support for these devices built-in. Since those drivers source aren't open source and I could not find any other Simple Metering (0702) drivers out there, this could be helpful for others.

Caveat: This driver is a bit fresh, I've been using it for a few days, so it's presumably far from perfect.

This driver supports I both plugin and in-wall versions thanks for @aruffell.


  • On/Off Switch control
  • Power reporting with configurable time interval and/or power change
  • Energy report with configurable time interval and/or energy change
  • Ability to reset the energy to 0. I use this feature on Zooz, but it's emulated here. Should ok if energy is reported somewhat regularly.


Import Link:


For simple metering I found this doc to valuable, starting at page 161: https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/user-guide/JN-UG-3059.pdf


Updated over the weekend:

  • Fixed auto discovery, now offered when a device joins
  • Fixed reporting, there was a typo then type issue

Probably bugs:

  • Reporting may not behave work well (null reference) if you don't select both reporting intervals. Work around: Select both a value and interval.

@asj .. Thanks for this driver. I put a 45856 into a use case where I wanted Zooz-like power/energy monitoring. This gave me exactly what I wanted.

I wasn't able to get the native built in "GE Zigbee Switch" driver on 2.2.1.X to work for my 45853 (power monitoring wasn't working, and energy wasn't available) but this driver worked.


Resurrecting this (not so) old thread...
I'm currently using "GE plugin dimmers, model 45852GE" (https://amz.run/4BUZ ) and struggle to get the power reported.

When using the default "GE Zigbee Dimmer" driver, which is supposed to support power monitoring, there is no reporting and the power remains 0.

I switched to this driver and instantly got the power and energy reporting working.

Now, I would like to keep using this driver but it misses the dimmer functionalities.
How hard would it be to add it?

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