[RELEASE] Fibaro Smoke Sensor


  • Availability of all device parameters
  • Driver automatic version check (every 7 days at noon)
  • Configurable logging levels

Status: Fully tested and working

Todo: Nothing for the moment

Download: GitHub


Hey @syepes ,
thanks for the drivers, I've been using other drivers up till now, but it seems like they are no longer very compatible.
I also noticed the battery status never really changed from a 100%.
What is the best practice for using these drivers?
The batteries haven't been changed in a year and they all still show 100% , so I'm starting to think that my battery status doesn't get udated.
These are my state variables for 2 of them that have 100% battery

State Variables

  • driverInfo : {ver=1.1.2, configSynced=false, status=Current version}
  • deviceInfo : {lastbatt=1635408512140}

The 3rd one just has nothing showing for battery status.
That one seems to still have things of the previous drivers though

State Variables

  • driverInfo : {ver=1.1.2, configSynced=false, status=Current version}
  • deviceInfo : {productId=4099, manufacturerName=Fibargroup, firmwareId=3090, manufacturerId=271, lastbatt=1635409862698, firmwareVersion=3.03, firmwareChecksum=22119, productTypeId=3074}

If anyone could help me to get these working properly, it would be much appreciated

hmm ok now the 3rd one updated the battery state , but it's 100% again :thinking:

So.... these look like great devices and I'm in the market to replace my Nest Protects with something z-wave based. But I'm wondering why these aren't being sold retail. Which makes me wonder if they're discontinued or headed that way.

Does anyone have any insight on this? I just don't want to buy a few of these, only for them to become harder and harder to find. TIA!

The battery status for all my devices remains at 100% I presume this feature is not reliable

I'll have a look at this if I can do anything, normally battery is reported everything time it wakes up

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