[RELEASE] Fibaro Smoke Sensor


  • Availability of all device parameters
  • Driver automatic version check (every 7 days at noon)
  • Configurable logging levels

Status: Fully tested and working

Todo: Nothing for the moment

Download: GitHub


Hey @syepes ,
thanks for the drivers, I've been using other drivers up till now, but it seems like they are no longer very compatible.
I also noticed the battery status never really changed from a 100%.
What is the best practice for using these drivers?
The batteries haven't been changed in a year and they all still show 100% , so I'm starting to think that my battery status doesn't get udated.
These are my state variables for 2 of them that have 100% battery

State Variables

  • driverInfo : {ver=1.1.2, configSynced=false, status=Current version}
  • deviceInfo : {lastbatt=1635408512140}

The 3rd one just has nothing showing for battery status.
That one seems to still have things of the previous drivers though

State Variables

  • driverInfo : {ver=1.1.2, configSynced=false, status=Current version}
  • deviceInfo : {productId=4099, manufacturerName=Fibargroup, firmwareId=3090, manufacturerId=271, lastbatt=1635409862698, firmwareVersion=3.03, firmwareChecksum=22119, productTypeId=3074}

If anyone could help me to get these working properly, it would be much appreciated

hmm ok now the 3rd one updated the battery state , but it's 100% again :thinking:

So.... these look like great devices and I'm in the market to replace my Nest Protects with something z-wave based. But I'm wondering why these aren't being sold retail. Which makes me wonder if they're discontinued or headed that way.

Does anyone have any insight on this? I just don't want to buy a few of these, only for them to become harder and harder to find. TIA!

The battery status for all my devices remains at 100% I presume this feature is not reliable

I'll have a look at this if I can do anything, normally battery is reported everything time it wakes up

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I am testing this device and driver but I do not get any synchronisation.

I have included and excluded it 2x sucessfully. Doing a network check with the button on the detector gives me a green light

However, never any data is updated in hubitat and in the log it always just says that the configuration will be synced at next wake up. Nothing else happens.

EDIT: It's now the next day and it has started communicating. I get a temperature report at least every 1h and also the config command seems to have been sent and performed.
So it was roughly 5h after inclusion into the networt that it started. Seems a bit excessive but at least now you know in case others are wondering

Very strange, were your other zwave devices working? sometimes the network gets busy but 5h seems way to long :slight_smile:

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