[RELEASE] Event Engine - Automate your world with easy to use Cogs. Rev up complex automations with just a few clicks!


Thank you so much! I can consolidate and simplify a bunch of stuff under EE now!


How does EE handle re-triggers and capture states?

If you want a light to turn on from a motion trigger and stay on until there's been no motion for a set time, will the retriggers during that period cause the initial capture state to be overwritten?

yes. Anytime it receives a motion, it will 'reset' the time it takes for no motion.


For the Reverse function, does it capture the state only on the initial trigger? When I've built rules in RM I had to use private booleans and stuff to ensure it wouldn't recapture upon retrigger.


Exactly, it only captures state on the first motion. It has to reach no motion, then on the first new motion, it will capture again.

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Is there a way to trigger multiple flasher notifications from a single cog in EE?

I have a couple lights I want to flash when the garage door (contact sensor) opens but I didn't see an option to select multiple devices in The Flasher or in the EE notification action.

Or do I build a separate EE cog and a separate Flasher cog for each light?

I didn't see an option for Refresh before capture in The Flasher so that's why I was building in EE rather than just doing stand alones in The Flasher.


Nope, it's just such an edge case that someone would need to do this. It's not feasible to add it to all apps.

Sorry, but again it doesn't work with multiple bulbs. I used to have it work with multiple bulbs but it just had too many timing issues.

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Gotcha. No worries.

I see. I created a workaround by just creating a light group. The timing is a lot better than separate cogs for each light (no popcorn). The downside is I can't capture individual states but other than that works great and less cogs.

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I guess I could make a separate rule to capture and restore states and just delay the flasher slightly :thinking:

Any idea why my bulbs work fine when I have them cycle "individually" but I get errors when I try them "combined"? This happens regardless of how many bulbs I select.

Things work fine if I just put the bulbs in a group and have EE treat the group as a single bulb in "individual" mode. If I put the group in "combined" mode it as also fails.

This log is from a single bulb in "combined" mode. For reference I've reproduced this with both my Sengled RGBW bulbs (Sengled Element Color Plus driver) and my Inovelli Red Dimmer LED bars (Generic Component RGB driver). Ideally I'd like to not use a group so that I can reverse each device to its original state rather than the group state.


Didn't have time to fully test, so here's something to at least play with. :grin:

New version Available...

3.5.3 - 03/11/22 - Added Notification support for Other Devices (ie. webOS TV's).
- Added option to run cog when system starts up
- Changes to 'Switches to Color Change'


Awesome. Thank you! Combined mode works fine now.

I'm having a problem with Reversing the LED bars on my Inovelli red dimmers.

Getting "java.lang.ClassCastException: null (method componentSetColor)" error.

The two devices are "MasterBedroomSwitchLED" and "LivingRoomSwitchLED"

Can you show me a screenshot of the 'Commands' and 'Current States' sections for one of the devices?

Also, what driver are you using?


"Generic component RGB" driver that was auto-populated when the child device was created upon install.

Well, after studying your log a bit more, I noticed that the error isn't coming from my app but from the device. I'm sending the standard setColor command used for any color device. Something seems to be up with that device/driver combo. I wish I could help more but the only Inovelli device I have is a color bulb and it works just fine.

Maybe start a new thread seeing if anyone else is having an issue with that device/driver combo?


Ah gotcha. Thanks for looking into it.

Is there a difference in the commands EE uses for regular color change commands versus reversing? All the other color changes go through correctly without errors on the device side.

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Let me look into it a little more this afternoon.

Need help. My event engine cog is stuck loading, Iā€™m unable to uninstall the app directly or via hubitat package manager, even after i restart.

To remove any child app, just click the little black 'cog', then scroll to the bottom and click 'remove'

Thanks for the quick reply. That red remove button wasn't doing anything until i updated Hubitat to the latest version and finally it worked!

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