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Screenshot of New Built In Lifx Device:

Screenshot of older Rod Driver Device:

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Bad news - The errors aren't making much sense and without the Lifx strip to test with, it would be nearly impossible to fix.

Good News - I just ordered a Lifx strip. Hopefully have time this weekend to dig into it. :grin:

Stay turned! lol

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:flushed: I wasn't expecting you to buy some strips !

You'll enjoy them, these lights are bright and colorful. I think the problem is when switching from color to whites. There's something that Hubitat is doing different and it might have to do with the way they optimissed them. When controlling groups of strips, there is much less popcorning.

Thanks again for all of your great work, I love EE and would not want to go back to Motion Lighting.


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Crazy person, in such a wonderful way. :wink:


+1 (for the wonderful crazy person)

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Any chance you can add Shade control as one of the device types. In particular. for the built-in Genric Zigbee Shade device?

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I can try. Added to the to-do list :grin:

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New version on GitHub...

3.4.6 - 01/30/22 - Added Window Shades and Window Blinds to Actions

@danabw :grin:

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You are the man, man. :wink:

Just tested Shade control w/iBlinds and works. Open, Close and Set to Position all good! :slight_smile:

Interestingly, none of my blinds (five iBlinds and one eWand) show up as an option if I select Blinds control. Makes sense w/the eWand as it's using the built-in Generic Zigbee Shade driver. For the iBlinds I'm using Robert's V3 community iBlinds driver.

So the iBlinds driver must be presenting the blinds as shades?

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The only difference between the two is that the blinds has a Tilt command. :man_shrugging:
I don't have any to test with so I just added it in.

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Thank you for the debounce option. I am testing this now

So it looks like the debounce works when its triggered but when the cog becomes false the humity is less 70 it shuts of the fan. But if it drops again it re runs the off function. Can we get a debouce for the reverse :slight_smile:

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New version on GitHub...

3.4.7 - 02/02/22 - Adjustment to The Flasher, Upgrade to Switches In Sequence, App Debounce now works with reverse


New version on GitHub...

3.4.8 - 02/08/22 - Added option to include/exclude No Code Unlocks

Hi Bryan, have you received your Lifx strips ? :slightly_smiling_face:

Yup, Pattern Controller. :wink:

I just went back and looked at your screenshots. I can only support the built-in driver at this point. Also, the error in your log looks like it's for a HS WD200 Dimmer device, using a driver from a developer that's no longer part of this community. :man_shrugging:

You've been busy ! I installed Pattern Controller yesterday and it seems great for controlling the LED zones, good job., will make controlling the LIFX in the kids room way easier.

But I fail to see how this will fix the problem with EE controlling Lifx correctly. I updated EE but same problem is present.

The Homeseer dimmers error using CodaHQ's driver is a known issue. Unfortunately, no one (that I know of) has a complete driver for these dimmers. The Hubitat built-in driver is very basic and does not support controlling the 7 LED's. I use a lot of the annunciation features of these dimmers using the 7 colored LEDS for tasks like:

Washer, Drier, Oven, Microwave Status
Load shedding, Plant watering levels, Pool Backwash needed, Aquarium cleaning needed, Front and backdoor status, Alarm system status, Garbage and Recycling days notifications.

I do see the errors generated in the log but it does not affect the way EE controls the lights, they work fine.

Can you show me a screenshot of the errors between EE and the Lifx Strip?

I don't get an error message from what I'm seeing in the log, but when the MODE changes, the light turns on to the previous mode color (as set in EE) and then instantly changes to the proper color for the present mode. Exemple: Night mode: all LEDs are RED, Morning mode, the LEDs are supposed to be 2700K. So the light turns on RED, followed by 2700K, all at once and (it seems anyway) full power, as I'm getting a flash of light. Cool effect.... but wife is not impressed.. she's the one to gets up at night. It does the same Effect when EE turns off the LifX LED after the delay. (I remember this happening with my regular dimmers but it's been a year or more that this has not happened).

I think the LED going full power as something to do with the way EE works. I use "Dim lights after delay as warning" alot and EE is probably ramping up the lights to the programmed value and turning it off instantly to "remember the setting"

This is what I am getting from the logs:

dev:52862022-02-16 12:22:14.371 infoMarches - Zone 8 level is 12%
dev:52862022-02-16 12:22:14.368 infoMarches - Zone 8 switch is on
dev:52862022-02-16 12:22:14.366 infoMarches - Zone 8 colorName is Soft White
dev:52862022-02-16 12:22:14.363 infoMarches - Zone 8 colorMode is CT
dev:52862022-02-16 12:22:14.359 infoMarches - Zone 8 colorTemperature is 3200°K
dev:52862022-02-16 12:22:14.356 infoMarches - Zone 8 saturation is 0
dev:52862022-02-16 12:22:14.353 infoMarches - Zone 8 hue is 100
dev:52852022-02-16 12:22:14.344 infoMarches - Zone 7 level is 12%
dev:52852022-02-16 12:22:14.341 infoMarches - Zone 7 switch is on
dev:52852022-02-16 12:22:14.337 infoMarches - Zone 7 colorName is Soft White
dev:52852022-02-16 12:22:14.334 infoMarches - Zone 7 colorMode is CT
dev:52852022-02-16 12:22:14.331 infoMarches - Zone 7 colorTemperature is 3200°K
dev:52852022-02-16 12:22:14.328 infoMarches - Zone 7 saturation is 0
dev:52852022-02-16 12:22:14.325 infoMarches - Zone 7 hue is 100
dev:52842022-02-16 12:22:14.317 infoMarches - Zone 6 level is 12%
dev:52842022-02-16 12:22:14.314 infoMarches - Zone 6 switch is on
dev:52842022-02-16 12:22:14.309 infoMarches - Zone 6 colorName is Soft White
dev:52842022-02-16 12:22:14.306 infoMarches - Zone 6 colorMode is CT
dev:52842022-02-16 12:22:14.304 infoMarches - Zone 6 colorTemperature is 3200°K
dev:52842022-02-16 12:22:14.301 infoMarches - Zone 6 saturation is 0
dev:52842022-02-16 12:22:14.297 infoMarches - Zone 6 hue is 100
dev:52802022-02-16 12:22:14.287 infoMarches - Zone 5 level is 12%
dev:52802022-02-16 12:22:14.284 infoMarches - Zone 5 switch is on
dev:52802022-02-16 12:22:14.281 infoMarches - Zone 5 colorName is Soft White
dev:52802022-02-16 12:22:14.279 infoMarches - Zone 5 colorMode is CT
dev:52802022-02-16 12:22:14.276 infoMarches - Zone 5 colorTemperature is 3200°K
dev:52802022-02-16 12:22:14.274 infoMarches - Zone 5 saturation is 0
dev:52802022-02-16 12:22:14.271 infoMarches - Zone 5 hue is 100
dev:52792022-02-16 12:22:14.265 infoMarches - Zone 4 level is 12%
dev:52792022-02-16 12:22:14.262 infoMarches - Zone 4 switch is on
dev:52792022-02-16 12:22:14.259 infoMarches - Zone 4 colorName is Soft White
dev:52792022-02-16 12:22:14.256 infoMarches - Zone 4 colorMode is CT
dev:52792022-02-16 12:22:14.254 infoMarches - Zone 4 colorTemperature is 3200°K
dev:52792022-02-16 12:22:14.251 infoMarches - Zone 4 saturation is 0
dev:52792022-02-16 12:22:14.248 infoMarches - Zone 4 hue is 100
dev:52782022-02-16 12:22:14.237 infoMarches - Zone 3 level is 12%
dev:52782022-02-16 12:22:14.235 infoMarches - Zone 3 switch is on
dev:52782022-02-16 12:22:14.232 infoMarches - Zone 3 colorName is Soft White
dev:52782022-02-16 12:22:14.229 infoMarches - Zone 3 colorMode is CT
dev:52782022-02-16 12:22:14.226 infoMarches - Zone 3 colorTemperature is 3200°K
dev:52782022-02-16 12:22:14.223 infoMarches - Zone 3 saturation is 0
dev:52782022-02-16 12:22:14.221 infoMarches - Zone 3 hue is 100
dev:52772022-02-16 12:22:14.214 infoMarches - Zone 2 level is 12%
dev:52772022-02-16 12:22:14.212 infoMarches - Zone 2 switch is on
dev:52772022-02-16 12:22:14.209 infoMarches - Zone 2 colorName is Soft White
dev:52772022-02-16 12:22:14.207 infoMarches - Zone 2 colorMode is CT
dev:52772022-02-16 12:22:14.204 infoMarches - Zone 2 colorTemperature is 3200°K
dev:52772022-02-16 12:22:14.200 infoMarches - Zone 2 saturation is 0
dev:52772022-02-16 12:22:14.198 infoMarches - Zone 2 hue is 100
dev:52762022-02-16 12:22:14.195 infoMarches - Zone 1 level is 12%
dev:52762022-02-16 12:22:14.192 infoMarches - Zone 1 switch is on
dev:52762022-02-16 12:22:14.190 infoMarches - Zone 1 colorName is Soft White
dev:52762022-02-16 12:22:14.187 infoMarches - Zone 1 colorMode is CT
dev:52762022-02-16 12:22:14.184 infoMarches - Zone 1 colorTemperature is 3200°K
dev:52762022-02-16 12:22:14.181 infoMarches - Zone 1 saturation is 0
dev:52762022-02-16 12:22:14.176 infoMarches - Zone 1 hue is 100
dev:52452022-02-16 12:22:13.877 infoMarches color is #1F1F1F
dev:52452022-02-16 12:22:13.873 infoMarches level is 12%
dev:52452022-02-16 12:22:12.155 infoMarches switch is on
dev:52452022-02-16 12:22:11.862 infoMarches color is #262626
dev:52452022-02-16 12:22:11.854 infoMarches level is 15%
dev:58662022-02-16 12:22:11.399 infoMS Marche is active

I don't know if it's normal to see 2 changes in level within 2 seconds. Right now I'm in DAY mode and programmed Level is 35%. The log indicates 15% and then 12% ??

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