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@bptworld - I have had a couple of instances of the red piano light not going out when all things are shut/locked. The light turns from red to white, but doesn't finish going out. When this type of issue came up a while back IRRC you resolved it via timing - increased the delay from .5 to 1s as far as I remember. Could that timing have gotten pushed back to .5s again? If you don't see anything obvious let me know and I'll grab logs tonight.

I think I may have discovered a minor bug in the reverse handling, unless it is a misunderstanding on my part on how it works.

I have a motion sensor lighting rule that should not be active during certain modes, like night. When night mode is initiated by the hub, the cog will run through (seems to be triggered by the mode change) and it will recognize this rule as having mode conditions. It correctly sees that the motion sensor is inactive, but then it plays to the end and as I have a reverse action set up, it will actually initiate that action and turn on the lights at a certain level.

I would have thought, that since the previous condition of the rule were not met, that the reverse action should not be initiated ?

Can this be considered a bug or is this my lack of understanding ? As a workaround I could turn on a virtual switch in night mode to disable the rule, but not sure it it would work.

Here is the cog


Here is the log


New version...

2.2.0 - 10/25/20 - Added Adjustable time delay between device Actions

Thanks, I'll take a look at this later today.

Turn on the 'By Mode as Restriction' switch and see if this solves your problem. If not, I'll keep digging. :wink:

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Any chance this could be added to the wish list?

I have an app for IR, Send IP2IR. It's made to control Global Cache products but may work with others as well.


Thanks! I noticed something after I posted that was odd, last night. When the final door I shut and locked was the slider in our family room (and the "lock" is really just a contact sensor on the lock lever that I named a "lock"), the light went out normally. When the final door I shut and locked was the front door (w/an actual lock) the light went white and then stopped.

I'll play around w/the timings that you've provided - thanks very much for doing that!

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If you want to do it, @bptworld has an app for that. :smiley:

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Ok, so I updated to 2.2.0 and enabled "By Mode as Restriction", but then my lights started to come on and change color temp, one by one, and each change following the last, instead of all at once.

As I noticed you had also added a delay option, I though perhaps that was causing the change, but changing it from 1000 ms to 0, did not change the behavior.

If possible, i potentially could roll back to 2.1.9 to see if that will change back to the previous ?

Behaviour on 2.2.0:


Not sure if it works, but for comparison I guess one of my previous logs would work.


It can be quick but it has never been all at once. Unless your using a group, devices can only turn on/off and set, one by one.

Nope, it wouldn't. If it is set to 0, it will default back to 1000. Try using 1 or 5.

Sure, all version are available on GitHub, click on History.

But try the delay set to a low number first (just not 0). :wink:


New version:

2.2.1 - 10/25/20 - Adjustments to Special Action Option

Dropped default down to 250 ms and also added a range of 1 to 4000.

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I tried first to change the delay to 1 ms, but that did not do anything significant. I then went back to 2.1.9 and it performed better. You are of course right, they do not all turn on at the same time, but close enough so that i felt 2.2.0 to be slower. I then went back to the latest version and got 2.2.1, which now seems to be similar to 2.1.9.

So it looks like the problem is solved :slight_smile:

Here are my logs to show the differences:

2.1.9 logs


2.2.0 logs (the slow one. You can see the difference in times. Basically it looks like it is adding 1000 ms)


2.2.1 logs (back in business)



Great detective work, thanks!

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I set the delay to 1.5s and the infamous piano light turns off completely, doesn't get stuck at white setting. I guess either my mesh, or the Sengled bulbs, is a little lazy. :wink: I'm going to play w/it a bit to see how close I can get to 1s delay. Thanks very much!

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New to EE, sorry to say I could use some help here.

Pretty straight forward use case
Mode Evening/Sleep (I've tried both on and off for Mode restriction)
If any contact sensors are open, turn on switch
Turn off when all contact sensors are closed

Here is my Cog

Here is the short log

The lights just flash on/off and I can't see why, what am I missing?



Take a look at my EE cog below that does something almost exactly like that, but I use a between times condition rather than mode.

You don't need to tell the cog to "Turn off" the light when the contacts are closed - the cog does that automatically when you use the built-in "Reverse actions" option.

Set your cog up like mine, don't set anything "...as a Restriction." Obviously, use Mode as your Time/Days/Mode condition.

Choose the switches you want to turn on in the "Switches to turn on" section below. Don't select anything to turn off.

I used a dimmer and set color, but you're not doing that so don't do anything else w/lights. The "Reverse actions when conditions are no longer true" setting will turn off the lights when you contact sensors are closed.

I use this every day, should work for your needs as well. Let us know if you still have problems.

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TY, the turn off might have been the issue for me since I didn't realize the Cog would do that automatically

I'll test it out again tonight

Edit, worked great, even with the 2min delay off :slight_smile:

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Any reason why the Cog won't turn off this outlet?

I have tried about every option that seem plausible

I would like it to turn on at Mode change to Evening - this works :slight_smile:
Turn off when mode changed from Evening to Sleep - this does not work and never has

FYI, this is a z-wave + outlet, not a light switch, however I wouldn't think it should matter

Tagging @bptworld

Also does not work for me to turn the switch off.

I created a similar rule using a couple modes, the light comes on w/the mode changes from Day to Evening, does not turn off when mode changes away from Evening to Day.


@bptworld, thoughts on this and the same issue for @danabw above item 744?

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