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Thank you!

Activation works fine now for changing from RGB mode to CT mode.

However, the reverse action is not working when going back to RGB. Reverse works ok if it was in CT mode prior to firing.

Same cog as before. "Cabinet Lights" were in RGB mode prior to firing. This is the log when reversing:

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New version available...

3.5.7 - 04/10/22 - More work on CT

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Getting a device error now when the reverse settings are being sent. I'll try testing with a different device to see what happens.

I added two other RGBW bulbs to the cog to see what would happened.

The RGBW bulbs ("Driveway Light Left" & "Driveway Light Right") switch to CT mode properly when the cog fires. When it reverses the bulbs just turned turned off.




New version...

3.5.8 - 04/13/22 - Adjustments to Reverse

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@bptworld : Is it expected that the "IP Ping" only logs success/failure but doesn't run any actions?

I found [Code Freeze] Web Pinger and it says that functionality was moved to Event Engine, but in Event engine it doesn't seem to do anything other than output logs.

Would need to see your Cog Description and a debug log please

Edit: okay, I think I see what you mean... I'll work on it. Thanks


New version...

3.5.9 - 04/18/22 - Work on IP Ping

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Hi Bryan,

Lifx strips that use Color Temperature stopped working about two EE versions ago. If I set them to use Color, it works. Strange thing is, when to cog fires and I use CT, the motion sensor fires but the light doesn't show up in the log, even in the OFF state.


3.6.0 - 04/19/22 - Changes to switchesPerModeReverseActionHandler

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Yep, that did it.

Thank-you !

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Hi! First @bptworld thanks a ton for all the apps and the work you do. Just saw a comment on the old Wake Me Up thread that you do all this post-stroke and it makes me even more impressed. I think I have 2/3 of your apps running on my C7 but it leads me to always think about how different peoples brains think differently and what makes sense to others doesn’t make sense to me :joy:

So I’m trying to move my son’s wake up routine for school days over to EE from WMU.

I set up the GCal Search and have it set to turn OFF a virtual switch on days there is “No School” otherwise it stays ON by default.

So I want to make sure the following EE will fire on M-F at 6am and sun up his light group and the clip lamp along with turning off his white noise machine. I included a screen shot of the virtual switch to Enable/Disable…so here’s the brain difference question….

If that switch is ON the cog will run and if it is OFF it won’t correct? It doesn’t have to be “turned on” to run right? It’s more an added condition like “if this switch is on then run cog” correct? Just making sure because the WMU version of this runs rock solid but since I added the V switch it hasn’t run even with the switch on.

If I’m misunderstanding it then I suppose I can just add the switch as a condition up at the start of the cog.


Event Engine Cog (2.8.8) - Event Engine Cog

***** Cog will fire when ALL Condition are true (Using AND)
- By Days - [Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday] - as Restriction: true
- Certain Time - Wed Apr 20 06:00:00 EDT 2022 - Repeat: false - Schedule: NA

- Switches to turn Off: [Sam’s Noise Machine]
- Select dimmer devices to slowly rise: [LG - Sam’s Room, Clip Lamp] - Minutes: 5 - Starting Level: 5 - Target Level: 99 - Color: Soft White
- Delay Between Actions: 100


Correct, as long as that switch is 'on'. The cog will work.



I have a question regarding restrictions:

I have a cog that is triggered by a motion sensor being active. It turns on a light to a random color. Then once motion is inactive, it turns off the light. If the light is already on when motion is detected, I'd like the cog to do nothing.

I've tried using the light being on as a restriction. This works fine for preventing the cog from firing. But when the light is off and the cog fires, the cog ends up restricting itself after turning the light on (it no longer turns off when motion is inactive).

I know how to build these conditions in RM but I was hoping to use EE for the simple random color change functions.

Thank you!

New version available:

3.6.1 - 04/22/22 - Adjustments



Was there a change to how the restrictions work though? Or is there a different way to program what I wanted? It still seems to work the same way after update.

Did you update your cog to match the one I posted? If you did and it still doesn't work, post a debug log and another cog description.

But your cog doesn't have an restrictions? That's what I'm trying to get working properly..

Sorry if I'm misunderstanding

You asked for a cog that can do this...

Which I read as:

On motion turn light on with random colors
When motion stops

  • if light was off, turn light back off
  • if light was already on, leave light on - returning to original settings

Here's where my mind works differently. Rereading your post just now, I think you want...

if motion and light is off

  • turn light on with random colors
  • when motion ends, turn light off

if motion and light in on

  • do nothing

Let me try this scenario and get back to you.