[RELEASE] Eternal Sunshine (luminescence and dimmers)

I see, I should have thought of telling you to check this option first, indeed. When this option is enabled, the dimmers will never turn off per se but stay at a level of 1 by default instead of turning off. Without this option, if your dimmers are controlled by a different app, they would turn back on and off all the time when.

Old version indeed! :slight_smile:

Is there a way to pause this app with a button, for example? I don't see a way to pause an app through Hubitat, so I think it may need to be programmed into the app itself, unless I'm missing something.

EDIT: I'd personally be using the middle button on my Pico remote, so it'd be nice if the option was a toggle.

I've just updated the app with the requested capability. Since I have only single buttons, let me know if it works with yours.
Thank you.

Thanks for the quick update! Unfortunately, none of my buttons are populated in the list.

These are all the buttons that I see in the Motion and Mode Lighting app (just as an example):

This is a combination of my hue button, pico remotes, and scenes.

And once you select a device, you specify which button press you want it to use to activate that specific action (if it's just a 1 button device like the Hue Smart Button, you just put the number 1).


I meant like programming a button to pause an app. The app itself needs to be able to do this it seems. Like @elfege said, the app has button inside of it to pause itself, but I'm looking to be able to pause it with a physical button (i.e. without needing to have someone (e.g. my wife) go into the hubitat interface).

They probably just have the capability set to switch or something other than button.

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Looks like it's set to capability.doubleTapableButton on line 66. I changed it to capability.pushableButton and all my buttons populated!

I just dug into the documentation real quick, not sure how you can make it accept multiple button devices at once.

This post seems to imply that capability.pushableButton is the main implementation and that capability.doubleTapableButton can be added as an add-on

On that same line at the end of that line add the following

,multiple: true

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To add capabilities you enclose the values inside of that field inside [ ]

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A double tappable button will always be pushable, not the other way around: a pushable button is not always double tappable, that was my mistake. I'm correcting the code now.

Where can I find details on how to set this up and what all the settings actually do and mean? I tried setting this up and all my lights came on at 8am in the entire house when my hub went from night to day mode. I only want lights for a specific room to come on when a motion sensor is detecting motion in that room and only when illumenence gets low when in day and evening mode. But for a room like a bedroom, I’d prefer to keep the lights off until a specific time of day.

Sorry this app does not support time scheduling at the moment. If you want the app to not run until a certain time I suggest you set your day mode activation time to what matches your needs. You can also create a mode for that specific time in the morning or whenever you don’t want lights to turn on.

Any documentation that explains how all the settings work?

If you opt for the logarithmic modulations it's all explained in the helper that will appear once you select this option. But that's for advanced users only, users who understand basic algebra.

For the rest it seems to me it's quite self explaining: you get to define maximum dimmers values for different modes, timeout delays if you use motion and you can also have the app base its dimming values from readings coming from another lux sensor when a switch has been turned on or off, which is useful when you have curtains that you want to close: it might still be bright outside but no longer inside (since you closed those curtains) and then you want the app to adjust the light accordingly.

If what you need is a complete tutorial I don't have the time to work on that for now but it could come in the future.

I have pushed a new update which will improve the setting of margins for users who selected the logarithmic function. Details are explained in the comments added with the new commit on GitHub.

  • NEW as of May 25 2021: Improved user override.

Set your dimmers manually or turn them off and the app will pause for a given time (to be specified in settings).

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For now there is the README file and, when advanced options are selected, in the app, you should see a long paragraph explaining how to set the parameters and how to test them using the graph helper (link to the graph helper provided inside the app, same section).

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