[RELEASE] eCozy ZigBee Thermostat / TRV

I ported my ST DTH for the eCozy Thermostat to Hubitat. Just required changing one word for it to work. :wink:



Hi Chris,
I've used your driver with a Bitron 902010/32 and it works perfectly (just a minor change needed because Thermostat State should be read from another attribute).
The only problem that I have is that thermostat it's not reporting changes to Hubitat, but I need to manually click on refresh button and then everything works fine.
Seems something more related to thermostat itself rather than Hubitat\driver, do you have any idea about it?


Hi Gabriele,
You are right. There is probably an error in the driver or there is some other aspect I missed in order to get it to update. It worked fine on ST. But I also had the issue under Hubitat that it only updates on manual refresh. Maybe somebody in the community has an idea.
I currently don‘t have my eCozy‘s connected because they were draining battery too much for my taste.

I've rewrritten the driver to best fit to Bitron code so I think it's better if I open a new topic to keep this clean for eCozy

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