[RELEASE] Ecobee Suite, version 1.9.00

Looks like there was a error in the API call to Ecobee. I haven't seen a Error 500 in a while but when their API is having issues, I do get errors like that. How often is that message showing up?

Well, the high CPU usage has gone since the thermostat app was removed.

With the thermostat app, I really liked the ability to use any of my temperature sensors to pool an average per HVAC zone. There isn't a way with the Ecobee Suite to use non-ecobee temp sensors, is there?

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The Ecobee Suite doesn't provide the ability to use other sensors. You can through rule machine do some math but my experience with working with thermostats and home automation is to let each platform do what it can do best. With HVAC I tend to leave it do most of the work on the thermostat. And only use the Hubitat as a sensor reader for other automations or to override the current comfort settings if say we have guests etc.

This question may be a bit naive on the architecture of Ecobee Suite but here goes....ecobee has served me notice that my Gen1 Smart Thermostat Model #: EB-STAT-02 wll no longer be able to connect to their servers after July 31 2024. I will no longer have access to it via their apps or web. It will continue to function as a standalone device.

My question is will this have any bearing on my ability to query and control the tstat via Ecobee Suite (or the native Hubitat device manger)?

The native and Ecobee suite integration use the API from Ecobee cloud services. Once they disconnect the Gen 1 devices you will no longer be able to read and control the thermostat from Hubitat.

Thank you. Confirms my realization that I will have to start my search for a smart thermostat more advanced than what ecobee currently offers. This gen1 tstat has support for multiple stages along with multi fuel source heating devices. The programmable temperature differentials between stages suits my need.

That's a jerk move on their part unless they disclosed - prior to purchase - that you are renting access for X years.

I don't want to sidetrack this thread but if you watch Louis Rossmann's videos you will see he has been crusading against not owning anything due to backing services being shut down and for right to repair.

A question about the timing of mode changes:

I have Modes programmed on my Ecobee, and have it set to trigger the appropriate mode based on the settings of my home alarm - with HE being the intermediary between the Home Alarm & Ecobee.

It all works great, basically I have my alarm trigger a change in the "Mode" and have Ecobee Suite read the "Mode" setting on the HE to set the appropriate Mode on the Ecobee.

However, I've seemingly found a small flaw in this. That is, that Ecobee seems to clear the current program before setting the new program. This causes the HVAC to kick on for 30 seconds before setting back off, and creates undo use of the HVAC.

See the following log:

dev:1652024-07-02 07:12:54.843 AMinfoThermostat Program is Hold: Home

dev:1652024-07-02 07:12:54.598 AMinfosetProgram(home) for EcobeeTherm: Upstairs (XXXXXX) returned true

dev:1652024-07-02 07:12:53.737 AMinfosetProgram(Home) for EcobeeTherm: Upstairs (XXXXX) - holdType: indefinite

dev:1652024-07-02 07:12:53.686 AMinfoThermostat Program is Home (resumed)

dev:1652024-07-02 07:12:53.682 AMinforesumeProgram() - No current hold

dev:1652024-07-02 07:12:52.305 AMinforesumeProgram(true) - succeeded

dev:1652024-07-02 07:12:51.916 AMinforesumeProgram(Upstairs, true) for EcobeeTherm: Upstairs (XXXXXX) returned true

You'll see it issued a "resumeProgram" before a "setProgram", and didn't just issue a new "setProgram" to override the first.

Any ideas on how to avoid this issue? Is this ultimately a bug in EcobeeSuite?

@storageanarchy Flair has now released an API for their vents. And @ljbotero has written the code to utilize that API and control the vents. Would you consider integrating this into the Ecobee Suite at this time?

I noticed when my ecobee thermostat goes offline from the network or powered down, and stays offline for an extended time, the values on my C8 dashboard still shows the last known ecobee temperatures and other values from the ecobee.

How can I get the values on the dashboard to show offline or ???? instead of a stale value values when then this happens? I do understand I can monitor the " * DeviceWatch-DeviceStatus : offline" for an alert.

Hub migration issue

After migrating to a new hub, my thermostat devices disappeared, interestingly, the standalone SmartSensors were kept!
Since the thermostats were used in automations and dashboards, and I have 5 of them, it took me a while create new devices and get my automations and dashboards running again.

Would it be possible to fix this issue?

Hi there,

It's been a few years since I installed the Ecobee Suite Manager. When I initially set it up using the app, I believe it created prefixes on my devices in the Device Label, like:

  • EcobeeSensor: Back Hall Sensor (FFNY)
  • EcobeeSensor: Ecobee Thermostat Sensor (Thermostat)
  • EcobeeTherm: Ecobee Thermostat

I'd like to change these names, specifically by replacing the ":" with a "-". Is it possible to do this without affecting the app or child apps in any way? Bottom line: would making this change cause any issues?

Thank you!

Couldn't you just change the device name for each device?

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That's exactly what I'm aiming to do :laughing:! As I mentioned earlier:

I'm just trying to practice good smart home configuration methods without triggering a wholesale Armageddon. No one wants their lights to start flashing Morse code or their thermostat to launch a countdown :rocket:!