[RELEASE] Ecobee Suite, version 1.9.00

Dumb question time. Can the app be used WITHOUT an Ecobee thermostat? I have one now but I'm looking to replace my HVAC system with ones that uses a proprietary thermostat (American Standard UX360). What I really want is to keep control off my Keen vents.


Unfortunately the Ecobee Suite won't work without an Ecobee thermostat - it has no way of controlling or monitoring the fan state on a non-Ecobee thermostat.

Excessive load error is causing my smart mode helper app not to function properly. Set to heat early morning when cold but never transitioned to auto when warmed up later in the day. Error below appeared but never ran into anymore errors after that. What might you need to help identify the problem?

@storageanarchy what should I look for?

Came home to my hvac turned off and the house 78 degrees. My aquariums were over heating and dogs were dying. Lol

Hey, so.... I'm getting a new ecobee thermostat to replace my old "original generation" one (before they totally lose ecobee web support on July 31).

I want the new one to work just like the old one with all of the apps on my Hubitat. I've got the ecobee Suite 1.9.05--so what do I need to do to make the transition as seamless as possible?

I'm hoping I can keep my "ecobee Device" intact so I don't break all my rules.



You will need to add it as a new device to your home. Once it's set up, then connect all the remote sensors. Then add thje new thermostat and the sensors as new devices in Hubitat. Then go to Hubitat Settings/Swap Apps Device and replace all the "old" devices with the "new" ones.

Sorry it can't be easier, but with Swap Apps Device it is at least pretty straightforward...

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Well, the new one came about a week ago so I stumbled through things.

Thankfully, I noted all the places I used the old one--because when I went into the ecobee app on my phone (not your Hubitat app), the thermostat got removed and the new one was added.

Then, your app automatically deleted the old thermostat and I was able to add the new one.

I had to go in to my apps and deal with broken apps/rules/conditions/triggers and fix them by selecting the new thermostat device. I didn't have too many places referencing it--so it wasn't too hard to get things patched up.

So far, so good!!

(it might have been a bit smoother if the Hubitat app didn't summarily delete the old thermostat device--maybe, just marking it offline or something?? --Then, it wouldn't have busted the rules, etc.)

I've been using this Ecobee Suite since I was on SmartThings, and now for the year or so that I've been on HE.

One question, as I look to do more with the Ecobee Sensors in the house - when it detects motion, how long does it take for it to determine that there is no longer motion? Is this something that is configurable at all?

Mine take about 30 MINUTES to go inactive and I see no way to change that.

I just started using the ecobee suite manager a few weeks ago along with the thermostat controller app. It started fine but now I get "Hub Load Severe" errors several times in a day. Restarting the hub only temporarily clears the error. This has caused the hub to go unresponsive if I leave it for to long, I normally realize it because the temp gets up to the controlled offset limit. There were two different errors that I would see in the logs from time to time that I wasn't able to grab screenshots of. The one that always accumulates is a "pending asynchronous HTTP request" and I believe another was for the "ecobee thermostat" device that the app creates would get like a failed to send or receive updates.

I haven't found anything that says I can't use the Ecobee suite manager with the thermostat app, but should I just switch completely to the Ecobee manager?

I know this isn't a lot of information to go on so what other information would be helpful to debug what my core issue is?

What is your polling interval set to. The recommendation is 1 minute because of all the queued-up events on the Ecobee servers.

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It is set to 1 min

I do see this in the location events of the hub as well:

Well looking at your screen shots your hub is 4.3% busy and out of that 60% of the 4.3% busy is the Echobee App:


On my hub 2.4% busy with 85% of that is Ecobee Suite:

I would say yours and mine are almost at par for how much CPU is being used. As for the spam message I don't see it.

Check your alerts level and event history on the thermostat device:


Both the devices created by the ecobee suite manager and the thermostat controller are set like this:


Just a silly question, why are running both the Thermostat Controller App and the Ecobee Suite? I am assuming both are connected to your Ecobee. You should only need one or the other depending on what your goals are with the thermostat.

Fair question. I think my HVAC is oversized for the house and is part of my humidity issue. It was only running for about 5-7 min at a time (short cycling?) so I was using the thermostat controller's Hysteresis feature to force it to run for longer periods. That was with the old ecobee integration and then I came across this version.

The number of features in the ecobee controllers feels paralyzing, and I do not know what damage I could be causing the hardware. The lack of time to dig further into it is why I've kept both for now since it seems to better.

Thanks, yes the short cycle time for A/C would be detrimental. I have the same issue in the past with my old HVAC system and shot cycle time and the crappy thermostat that was put in didn't have a minimum run time and the circuit board controlling the compressor only had a switch that would use its internal timer or the thermostats. The Ecobee thermostats staging protection makes sure the compressor always runs for 5 minutes minimum but it is configurable:


Also here is a good video on all the settings on the thermostat. I bookmarked at the threshold section:

Awesome, thanks! I guess I will try getting rid of the thermostat app and go back to just the ecobee controller.

Am I missing it in the Ecobee Suite app or is there not a way to set the schedule and comfort settings other than through the native ecobee app?

The comfort items I set directly on the Thermostat or the EcoBee Website. I don't use the phone app. I only have 3 of them Home, Away, Sleep.

These are other errors I also see:

App 1127 is the Ecobee Suite Manager