[RELEASE] Echo Speaks V4


I'm going to have to uninstall it if I can't prevent those notifications. Our house sitter went crazy, and it's very annoying to me also.

I'd start with the ES App, scroll down to notifications, and click it, then disable the notifications for code updates. I've never had those speak though, so I'm guessing you have a rule or some other app telling ES to announce all notifications - that would be your real cause/solution.

I have used this for years, and never heard of this.

I didn't know ES could even do this?

I agree.

Nope, I checked everywhere. And I only use basic rules and I went thru all 20 or so rules, and nothing having anything with telling ES to do anything except one rule that announces that the pool gate has been opened.
Its really annoying because every time ES comes out with a new update all the sudden my ECHO start making an announcement like 4 times a day even late in the morning. And the announcement is like a minute it long because it says the version numbers for like all 4 components of ES and it takes like a minute to read it all out. "version 4 dot 3 dot 5 dot 6 dot 8" and it just goes on and on .... If I want to wait a few days to upgrade to check the forums and make sure the new upgrade is stable, I have to put up with these announcements all the time. The wifey is not happy ...

Ok, I'm going to try what thebearmy suggested. I didn't see that setting before when I looked.... that may be it. I'll report back next time there is an upgrade.....

My problem with this is the fact that there is nothing in the code to send a speech command for any app-related notifications.

I suspect that one of the echos is selected as a notification device under ES App > Notifications > Notification Devices.

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I just did an install, using the HPM and I may have missed a step. It claims I need to login to amazon. When I try I get a blank page saying there is nothing here.

I got it working. Love it, gonna be a blast figuring it out


I seem to have Echo Speaks (beta) and Echo Speaks (v4) installed simultaneously, but they're both using the same drivers and app codes, so it won't let me uninstall just the beta. Any tips?

So is this HPM telling you this, or do you have two copies under
HE console -> Apps ?

Do you have two copies under HE console -> apps code (and driver code) ?

HPM is the one saying I have both a Beta and a regular version (and if I try to uninstall the Beta package, it says it’s currently in use).

I only have one copy in driver codes, and one copy in Apps, however.

uninstall and re-install HPM, then re-match only 1


Awesome, thanks!

All of my announcements are working but it looks like I’m getting a continuous 403 since upgrading:

PNG image

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I'm consistently getting a similar error:

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Me too. But everything is working fine.

Those messages are suggesting you are having access problems to your heroku server

Are you sure it is up and running?

They started after the last update.

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I suggest going into ES and hit done

I suggest you check if your heroku server is up.

Always hit the "Done" whenever I make changes- Didn't help. I then rebooted my hub, went back into ES and hit done again. Something worked- Don't see that ugly red text.
I really like Echo Speaks- Tonesto and team are awesome!

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