[RELEASE] Echo Speaks V4

Couple of items

  • which device is the 639? the ecobee?

  • as you said it appears to be working for the dots, so I assume 639 is not a dot device.

As to parallel announcement / speak

  • there are different commands to the device for announcement vs. speak.

Announcement can try to be done in parallel if the caller lists multiple devices in a single call to the device.

Standard speak() command is a single device.

There is a parallelSpeak() command that you can use if you list multiple devices.

So all this depends on what program you are using to generate the announcement / speak, and if they are doing it properly to allow parallel operation.

That is correct. Buried in the error message, is "Echo (v4.1.9.2)..." which is the "Echo everywhere (WHA).

I did get my Ecobee 4 to talk with ES. I turned on ""create other alexa enabled devices" under "Device detection preferences" and it now works!

Under device test, I tried speech test and announcement, and the speech speaks one device at a time, where announcement speaks ALL devices at the same time, which is what I was looking for.
Now I need to use announcement in my notifications app, or create the announcement in ES,
just don't select Echo Everywhere (WHA), which is fine.

I guess it doesn't matter where the announcement comes from?

I am using Hubitat and your driver to create the announcements to my Dots and stat... working great so far!
My mind is coming up with ALL sorts of crazy things to do with ES!

Forgot to add...
This is what the "discovered devices" indicates for Everywhere...

Status: (Online)
Style: null
Family: WHA
Volume Control: (True)
Announcements: (False)
Text-to-Speech: (False)
Music Player: (True)
Music Providers: [, Amazon Music, My Library, TuneIn, iHeartRadio]

So announcements and TTS are both false, which means unsupported I guess?

WHA does not support TTS or Announcements (It's restricted on Amazon side)

You can create zones to groups speech/announcements under Echo Speaks

Thank you for clearing that up.
I was able to create an announcement to all my Dots and my Ecobee, and it works great!

Is there a way to repeat an announcement?
I was able to use the announcement builder to create an announcement with device, state and time and date, using variables, and that works great also.

Such a detailed app! thanks!

Can anyone tell me why I am not able to turn on alexa guard?

What region are you in?
It's not available in all regions yet.

united states

Thats all I have to offer except checking the basics, is it turn on on your echo?



nb. at least using firefox/desktop, after clicking Manage app, you have to click the 'Open App' button on the next page before you can see the window that says Login.

Are there different docs or a different method to use echo speaks while not providing heroku my amazon password ?

Just noticed there is a cool "wake word" for Eco's:


Ziggy, this must be a tribute to Quantum Leap. Don't know how long it has been there but just noticed it today as I was making some new playlists for music and wanted to check the status of my Echo's and there it was.

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I don't know exactly when they added it either but my best guess is that it coincided exactly with the introduction of the new male voice alternative. So I am thinking Ziggy is his name. Also Ziggy as a name seems very strange so I have a feeling it was carefully selected to prevent false positives as much as possible.

You are correct about when the new name showed up

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I am embarrassed that I didn't think of that possibility. I loved that show.

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I recently started getting the following errors whenever I do anything. I am running Rebooting the hub clears it for about 10 minutes and then it returns. Any pointers accepted. Thanks.

groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: user_driver_tonesto7_Echo_Speaks_Device_552.speak() is applicable for argument types: (java.lang.String, java.math.BigDecimal) values: [This is a test, 100]
Possible solutions: speak(java.lang.String), speak(java.lang.String, java.lang.Integer), speak(java.lang.String, java.lang.Integer, java.lang.String), span(java.lang.String), span(java.lang.String, java.lang.String), play() (method speak)

I too am having the same problem as the user named "random" reported on Jul 25. The "all conditions required" doesn't stick, and always reverts to "any" conditions. This is still an error in Echo Speaks - Actions v

According to this:

The definition of the 2nd parameter is an Integer.

What is the application you are using that is calling speak?

We can look at workarounds, but it appears to not meet the HE API definition.

It would be good to see in a private message the settings you are using and the full logs for the action.

I have looked everywhere. Would someone tell me how you can turn off echo speak announcing that there is an update available? annoying. I looked in package manager, why does it have to announce when a new update is available over and over?