[RELEASE] Device Mirror

As my first project I decided to try and recreate the Hubitat Mirror App and added a few more device types like Motion Sensor, Contact Sensor, Audio and Single Button.

Feedback on any mistakes or general improvements is very welcomed

Here is the repository where you can find the parent and child app:

One known issue that's been answered:


Excellent work! This is in a similar category to my own Switch Bindings app, but where I focused on two-way binding, you focused on handling lots of device types. I reviewed your code and it looks really clean! (I even learned a couple cool techniques from you.) Congrats on the release!


Line 116 of the child app throws an error while saving. It currently reads:

updateAppName( Mirror: ${master}")

I think it should be:

updateAppName( Mirror: ${master})

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Thank you for pointing it out. That was a quick last minute change on my side which caused it. Fixed now!


I actually made a mistake, yet again. It's supposed to be updateAppName("Mirror: ${master}") and the output would be "Mirror: your master device name". without the "" it would just be "Device Mirror Child"

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@phuc.tran how does your app differ from the built in Mirror app?

The built in Mirror app only supports Switches (light switches). I extended mine with a few extra devices. I haven't seen the source code for the built in app, but from what I can tell from functionality, the apps behave the same way when it comes to light switches


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