[RELEASE] Device Activity Check - Get notifications for "inactive" devices

My test device had been sitting on this driver for a little while and I do see it updated Last Activity, cool.

I guess I don't understand why the device would ignore a Refresh command on the either driver but can be polled, but if y'all say it works, it works.

That driver is possibly configuring it to send the state every hour, I am not totally sure. Also some of the system drivers will filter out duplicated events which prevents the Last Activity from updating.

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Hi Robert, I commented out the lines you suggested and also line 896 to get rid of the Heading and the report works well with just the 2 columns. I created a 2nd instance of the app with the intention of one instance providing a cloud report for inactive battery powered devices and the other instance for a Cloud report of Ikea Tradfri outlets (zigbee repeaters) as they have a tendency to ocasionally lock up and cause issues with other zigbee devices and then need resetting.

When the 2nd instance of the App is triggered it unfortunately overwrites the Cloud report of the 1st instance so I suspect part of the code needs changing to create a unique report? I was wondering if you could provide a clue as to what would need changing? Many thanks

I am not able to replicate this behavior, nor do I see from the code how it would be possible. To test, I created two instances of the app and viewed the cloud (and LAN) reports for each. The HTML served for each was as expected via each of the app's configurations, and loading a new one did not affect the contents of the old one, either before or after refreshing. If you are viewing this through a third-party app, is it possible something is going on there?

is there a way to set the inactivity detection to "the last time the device reported its status"?

the last activity at timestamp isn't working too well.

I have lots of devices that are idle (like motion detector in basement which I rarely enter) but then these devices regularly report their status like

However Device Activity check is reporting these devices as offline

Hopefully soon, such a possibility was discussed recently.

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The issue in your screenshot could probably be solved by the driver letting the platform filter events instead of doing so itself, but if there is indeed Zigbee activity behind that (as there probably is), this might be possible on C-8 and newer hubs as mentioned above, yes.


yah im confused as to why the App can't just use the platforms' activity logs.. i mean it's right there hehe clearly the device had activity (it reported its latest state) but this App/driver didnt consider that at all.

If an event is posted by the driver it updates the Last Activity date which is what this app uses. As already explained, some drivers filter out events instead of letting the platform take care of it as it is designed to do (I think old bad habits from SmartThings drivers). If no event is posted, the date does not update. The system log is just that, a log file of text, it is not a data point. Even though most drivers will send info logs for all events that is a totally separate things from the actual events being posted.