[Project] Device Health Status [Tuya, Aqara, Ikea, Sonoff, Lidl, ThirdReality and others]

This is what I had in the smartthings Webcore and tried to use it in Hubitat Webcore but everything reports Offline as it appears that Status is not the right data to check.

This is a good idea. If I can find the time, I'll work on this for my app and share. If you beat me to it, I'm gonna steal :rofl:


Can you please confirm how frequently the health status is polled?


Bedroom 3 button controller, see summary above, may have dropped off the network around 2.37am, as it was not working in the morning. I removed the battery at 8am and left in that state. However, it is still showing online after 6 plus hours?
Please advise.
EDIT: just inserted a brand new battery and button controller started working straight away (measured voltages: new battery 3.2V, old battery 2.8V)

The healthStatus update period is driver-dependant.
For the TS004F driver currently, the offline status will be reported between 12 and 15 hours after the message was received from the device. The driver every 3 hours for any messages received from the device (keypress or battery report). If 4 consecutive 3-hour periods have passed without anything received, the healthStatus attribute will be set to offline.

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WebCoRE must have access to HE device object device.status or device.lastActivity properties .. I don't know if these are available or not. Probably we can ask WebCore devs?

The Zigbee Repeaters online/offline status was a bit difficult to track. These devices typically don't need a driver - they operate when simply paired to HE as a 'device'. The HE inbuilt driver "Ikea TRADFRI Signal Repeater" does not have any polling implemented and does not send any events to the hub, thus the 'Last Activity' and the HE 'Status' properties are not handled properly and HE reported the repeater as 'INACTIVE'.

This is the first of the series of the popular Markus's drivers where the misused "Presence Sensor" capability is now replaced by the "Health Check" capability and the "healthStatus" property.

The "Zigbee - Generic Repeater (w/ healthStatus)"driver can be downloaded from this URL :

Now the ZIgbee repeaters devices online/offline stratus can be tracked using either by the healthStatus or by the 'LastActivityAt' properties :


:+1: Working great

Still doesnt automaticly recognises the ikea repeaters

Lets's continue in the Ikea repeaters not working any more thread, as this one is dedicated to the app.

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Thanks for adding the toggle: 'Show only offline (INACTIVE / not present) devices'
Just to clarify, this toggle should filter offline, inactive and not present devices?
It seems to filter HE status "inactive" only and not "offline" health status?


@kkossev -- thank you for this Zigbee - Generic Repeater (w/ Health Status) driver... It works great for my various Tuya USB repeaters, as well as the Aeotec Zi extender I recently got. It's really nice having direct confirmation that those repeaters are all online and healthy.

Any chance you'll eventually put this driver in HPM?

Do you take PayPal donations? You've done a ton of work for the community here by providing solid integration tools for devices that are otherwise a challenge -- thank you very much!!


Hi Chris,

I am glad the modified driver worked for your Zigbee repeaters, even for a model I was not aware of..

I will have to carefully think about how to make the modified Markus's drivers"(with healthStatus) available for installation and updates from HPM. The original drivers that use the Presence Status are already in HPM, and it is probably not a good idea to forcibly update these drivers for all HE users, as this will be a breaking change. Probably, the best approach will be to make a new HPM repository for the modified drivers with new names - including "(with healthStatus)" to the original driver name and adding the new drivers one by one as they become available.

If you follow the link on my Hubitat forum profile, you will find my PayPal account in the linked GitHub document. Its never required, but always appreciated! : )


The currently implemented logic for the "Show only offline (INACTIVE / not present) devices" is that both the healthStatus must be 'offline' and the HE status must be 'INACTIVE' to consider the device as not working... The "Tuya 4 in 1" driver will need additional tuning for the offline timeout checks, I think it may still show false results for some sensors that do not report the battery status very frequently.

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I added a three-gang button.
I feel that this app is developing day by day.

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Many thanks to @FriedCheese2006 for adding the columns sorting and the search function in the new version 1.0.7 !


Have you considered adding it to HPM at this point?


Ah… i was still on 1.03 :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Works nicely with my repeater too (Tuya TS0207 _TZ3000_nkkl7uzv)

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The app is now available for installation from Hubitat Package Manager (HPM)- search for "Device Health Status". If you have already installed the app manually, do a 'Match Up' first and then Update.


@kkossev Thank you for such a useful app. Is it possible to export the results table to a csv or html file?

This would be helpful to add to one's documentation of the home automation setup.


I agree that such an export in a file will be very useful, and I have added this on top of the TODO/wish list : )
At the moment the priority is to modify all the drivers from the list to support the healthStatus first.

But, some more experienced in HE apps folks are helping and contributing to this app as well, so adding the file export may happen miraculously sooner than expected! : )