Zigbee Mini Repeaters (Tuya) - Shout Out

Tell me you have an AliExpress addiction with telling me you have an AliExpress addiction

Some days I feel like the chain smoking granny living in a trailer ordering from the Home Shopping Network.


Or saying to herself: "It's just one more cat, and I only have 17..."


Thanks again. Didnt notice there was a pull down for shipoing to change to free and the price went up. But not bad for 4 of them ie.

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Very good price for four w/free shipping! Good catch.

Dammit guys, stop. If I get on that website I'm going to be forced to order more stuff and my crap drawers are filled


You could throw a dozed of these in there and it wouldn't even raise the level. Drawer will still shut fine. :grinning:


got these.. it paired immediately on c8 but just as Device... is there another driver i should change it to?


I think most of us use this ..

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I use this :


It doesn't need a special driver (and I don't think one exists anyway).

Either "Driver" or the Ikea signal repeater driver works just fine.

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Yes, no special driver is needed for the Tuya Zigbee router/repeater to operate normally, once joined the HE Zigbee network.

The only benefit of the driver linked above is the possibility to monitor and display the device online/offline status.

Mine has never felt offline.

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The dedicated repeater has always felt like a bit of a monitoring black hole. I find they work well but I don't like not having any insight, so I'm currently writing a driver to shine some light on what the repeaters are doing. Here is a preview.

Device Neighbors shows LQI - Device name.

It also optionally gathers info from the hub to generate all the hub variable content.


Looks great! :+1:

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Sharing is caring! :wink::slightly_smiling_face: Look forward to seeing it when you're ready.

Do you know if this will be compatible with the Sonoff USB dongle repeaters?

The main reason I switched from just using the "Device" driver to the IKEA driver was that the Device driver was somewhat noisier in the logs than using the IKEA driver.

Looking forward to seeing Gary's driver at some point.


The whole repeating function happens at the firmware level. My driver just takes a peak at what it is doing. As the fields it looks at are mandatory according to the spec it should work.

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You'll be able to turn off everything in the logs except for errors.

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the repeater is also somewhat weaker signal wise that other zigbee devices.. so not sure how good of a repeater it will be..

Not suprising though give the tiny size of it.. no room for much of an antenna

given that this is basically 25 feet from the hub through one wall i would have thought it would be a little stronger.

waiting for this one.. looks real nice. one of the problems is no input into what extenders/repeaters are doing and i frequently look at zigbee routes etc just to make sure they are still online.

I use this driver and it's been fine.