[RELEASE] Chromecast Helper - Simple way to help keep your Google/Nest devices alive

Hi, whenever I reboot my hub, Chromecast Helper stops polling, I need to restart it manualy, is there a way to autostart ?

After reading this, I just rebooted my hub to check. Sure enough it started polling a couple of minutes after the hub came back to life. I'd have no idea why yours isn't starting back up on it's own. I have mine set to initialize every 4 minutes.

Yep, mine is set at 4 minutes. I didn't have any problems until this week when I noticed my GH devices not responding to my "volume reset" I do every night to level the volume of all GH in the house. I could not see any trace in the logs but after resetting the hub twice, Your great app now works like it should again. Don't know what happened. But my hub was slow this week and I never experience any slowness usualy. thank-you

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Would it be possible to add the ability to send a "turn off" command to the chromecasts - essentially to have the ability to turn off TV's at night using these devices.

Take a look at any of your chromecast devices in HE... there is no 'off' command.

Understood, sorry for the confusion - but I am suggesting an additional feature to be added to the code/app (if possible)- the ability to use the chromecast's HDMI-CEC to turn off the TV.

I can ask google assistant to turn off a TV, and it uses the Chromecast to send a CEC command over HDMI- it would be great to be able to turn off the TVs in hubitat. I see there are some solutions involving a Google Home Assistant Relay Driver to send text to speech to accomplish the same thing, but it requires an always on Pi and nodejs. If the function could be added to the app you programmed I think it would be beneficial.

The workaround if anyone is interested: [Release] Google Home Assistant Relay Driver (v1 and v2)- text to speech on Google Home devices

I'm also having this issue. I have debug and description logging turned off for Chromecast helper and each of my google home devices and my log is still full of the 'initilize...' and 'connected...' logs:


Happy to help troubleshoot. This app has made TTS through my google home devices actually reliable but the log is full of these messages.

Click on each dev:xxx and see what is sending the lines to the log. :wink:

Is there a way to disable the debug logging in the app? As @cj_rezz mentioned this happens even with debug logging disabled. This application works well and its a god send but I am just going through all my stuff to clean up etc. I have this occuring in the logs for all 3 of my Chromecast devices.


Yes, there is.

The messages your seeing in the log are not from Chromecast Helper. Click on the blue 'dev: 1443' to see the device that is sending that message.

Ah ok so it's coming from the Chromecast device itself meaning it's something to do with the built in Chromecast Integration (beta) then. Bummer. Oh well it does say "beta" after all :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: either way your app is great and the devices have been rock solid since using it.

Always nice to hear. Thanks!

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Just an FYI that I have had my hub slowing down periodically and support has narrowed it down to the native Chromecast app and suggested I disable it. Huge bummer as I use my Google home devices for verbal notifications all the time.

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Ah that is a real shame. Have they mentioned anything to you on how to get the Google Home's to stay connected without it then? or advised changes that should be made to the app?

The native Chromecast beta app is the only official way to connect Google devices to HE. Other than that you would need a rPI and cast-web or Google Assistant Relay.


  • Chromecast beta by HE is how you connect Google devices to HE
  • Chromecast Helper by BPTWorld (me) is to help keep them connected and running smoothly.

FWIW, I have 10 individual chromecast devices (no groups) connected to my system and I don't have any issues. From what I've read, groups is where most people run into issues.


I have to admit I don't have many slow downs either interesting that you mention groups but I don't use them either. In the past I had slow downs but it was because I had a LOT going on but I cleaned up my hub massively and it's been very stable since.

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I do have groups. Do you think having groups in the first place is an issue for Hubitat or making those groups available to Hubitat is the issue? Very interesting insight.

Definitely making them available. I have several speaker groups that I use daily but none of them are made available to HE.

dose you anyone have the nest display? i was wondering do i use the chromecast audio, or video driver?

also out of curiosity why is the recommended refresh 4 minutes?

That error in your screenshot is coming from the Chromecast device itself not from this app.

For the nest display, you should be using the video driver.

The 4 minute recommended refresh rate is just based on my personal testing.