[RELEASE] Auto Lock

Let me do some tests here and I'll get back with you.

Thank you sir!

Update to 1.1.63 and you should be good now.

Seems to be working properly now. Both doors locked in their respective durations.
Thank you!

Hi Lewis, hope all is going well. Quick question, doing some testing with modes and the way mode manager handles stuff is not quite working for me, so moving to presence....When I use presence in your app with two separate presence sensors, does both people have to be gone to lock or just either one of them?

In it's current form it triggers for either. If you want to trigger for both then BPTWorld's Presence Plus app is a good companion app for this. You would combine them in whatever manner you want and then use the combined presence device as the presence device in the Auto Lock app. Presence can get really complicated depending on a multitude of conditions and I don't necessarily want to go through all of that work when his app does everything I would write to integrate into mine. I personally trigger with 3 combined presences. Each person as the device but within each person there are multiple trigger devices/methods.




This is a good example of what I mean... I use "Any" of these devices for present and "All" of these must be not present before it flags Not present.

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Ahhhh got it. I actually want either at the moment. I leave early in the morning when the honey is still in bed, so I want to make sure the doors are lock when I go. Then if she gets up and goes out I want then to lock again. Then I want the front door to unlock if any of us go home. So I think in all cases that's "either".
Thanks a really nice App. thanks for the help and the screenshots, I am probably gonna have to use that as life gets more complicated. Actually I think WE make it more complicated then it should be, lol.

I added more presence detection to my presence sensor to avoid false triggers. Particularly when we're sleeping and a phone dies or something.

I have been using the ST presence sensor, very reliable after I modded it with two AAA batteries.

I have a similar mod with 2 26650 LiFePo4 batteries.



The sensor will die before I need to replace these. Not to mention they are rechargable.

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Same here. Been using three of these for over 2 yrs now. They work flawlessly and no battery drain on phone.

It's pretty funny around my house right now. I've recently added a bunch of equipment all over the house and all the kids are super paranoid it's all some kind of high-tech spy equipment to keep tabs on them. If they came across this in one of their bags they'd lose their minds. Somehow using it on their phones they're oblivious to and they never leave home without it. Battery life isn't affected on our phones for whatever reason. They all last around two days on a single charge. We all have Pixel 3a XL's.

Hi @lewis.heidrick,
I installed the app and when creating a child instance, I'm missing the section to select my door sensor. The way I found this was enabling "detailed instructions" otherwise there isn't a visual indication of that capability (although I know it's supported). I have tried in Brave, Chrome and Edge browsers thinking that was an issue. Any ideas? Thanks, -Joel

Without detailed instructions ticked:

Nevermind, I hadn't checked the box for "Lock when door closes".... Duh!

Lol, np, there's a lot of options to choose from. I try to make the selections only show the valid options based on choices. Makes it easier to figure out for the end users.

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I may have missed it, but is there a way to include the lock name in the notifications? "Lock is possible jammed." is less helpful when you have more than one.

Added the lock to the notifications. Update posted to HSM.


Thank you for the lightning fast fix!

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Hey Lewis, maybe another option to consider for your great Auto Lock App, A nightly timed lock. I currently don't use Modes, or HSM as I find it too clunky and they are affecting other thigs, so I had to write a rule to lock my doors at a certain time every night. Then I repeat this rule three times, once per hour, in case I had to run out and forget to lock the door again. So, for example, I want my doors to lock at 10 pm, because I am usually in bed by then, but this night I have to go outside at 10:30 pm to grab some wood for the fire and forget to lock the door on my way in. I would want to repeat that at 11 pm, and again for 12, or what ever suits. Like I said I currently have a rule for this, but I think it would be a good addition to the Auto Lock App. Think it would be a useful feature for others? Doable?

Seems doable and I have an idea how I'd like to implement it but need to see if it's possible to do the way I'm thinking.

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