[RELEASE] Aurora Dimmer Driver with Device Health Status

I seem to like writing my own drivers for devices I use, so here's the latest one from the AOne Aurora range.

These are great because they're designed to fit a standard UK dimmer module size on the back of whatever decorative faceplate you want. They also act as decent repeaters.


Search for the keyword "Aurora" on Hubitat Package Manager and you should see "Aurora Drivers from BirdsLikeWires". Requires HPM v1.8.7 or later. Or install manually from the link below.

All the features work, including turning the little blue indicator on or off. The dimmer doesn't remember this setting if it loses power, but you could make a little rule to solve that. :slight_smile:


Reserved post just in case.

I've updated this driver to use my library code, fixed up the reporting (they now bind and report in themselves every 10 minutes) and did some general tidying.

Of note, these have been absolutely rock-solid since the day I got them. They've never missed a beat.

As with most of my other drivers, this has now been updated to support the healthStatus custom attribute, so will no longer misuse presence as a means of reporting device connectivity.

Use @kkossev's Device Health Status to give yourself a nice system overview.