[RELEASE] Aqara TVOC Air Quality Monitor

The Aqara TVOC Air Quality Monitor pairs relatively easily with the C-8 hub but is rather difficult to be paired with C-7 and probably with the other older generation HE hubs.

An indication of a successful pairing is that the battery level rectangular symbol on the top right of the E-ink screen will be shown. If the pairing is unsuccessful, the device will reboot (the E-ink display will blink several times), and the battery level symbol will disappear.

The driver code can be manually installed from here : https://raw.githubusercontent.com/kkossev/Hubitat/development/Drivers/Aqara%20TVOC%20Air%20Quality%20Monitor/Aqara_TVOC_Air_Quality_Monitor_lib_included.groovy

Device Links
Aqara TVOC Air Quaility Monitor
Product Code: VOCKQJK11LM
Model: lumi.airmonitor.acn01
Manufacturer: LUMI

* TVOC (airQualityIndex)
* battery (not implemented yet)
* humidity
* temperature

Aqara : (link)
Amazon .com (link)
Amazon. ca (link)
Amazon .co.uk (link)
Amazon. de (link)
Apple. com (link)
Vesternet: (link)
Domadoo .fr (link)
U-buy .com.au (link)

For reference : link to Develco Air Quality Sensor - technical manual : https://www.develcoproducts.com/media/1674/aqszb-110-technical-manual-air-quality-sensor-04-08-20.pdf

And.. Amazon.ca


Is there any possibility that we will be able to toggle the temperature display between °C and °F via the driver?

Not at the moment, but I have found some information on how to switch the C/F temperature scale on the device display , so I will try it in the next few days. Also, the temperature float value is not rounded properly in the logs and in the event description, will be fixed in the next update.

Thanks. I think I'll hold off until we know one way or the other. Either way, your work on this is certainly appreciated.

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This Aqara sensor dropped off the Zigbee network a few hours ago, now I have paired it via a repeating/routing plug. Hope will stick there and will keep connected.

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Thanks!!! But AQ index and temperature is not refreshed

Screenshot_20230528_092018_Samsung Internet

As most of the Aqara devices, this one may not pair successfully from the first try. Pair it again (without deleting it before), close to a mains-powered repeater.

The airQuaiityIndex will need several minutes, before it starts to be automatically reported. But the temperature and the humidity must be updated quickly.

What is your hub? Do you see anything in the live logs when you press the button on the top of the sensor?

This is log...

And I'm using C7 hub

I paired over 5 times....

Aqara is tricky

Oh it suddenly works!!

After erase the device and re-connect zigbee

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I am still trying to understand why are these differences in the pairing success depending on whether the device was paired already to the hub, or is pairing as a new device.

you're right. Aqara products are weird when pairing. Sometimes I have to erase the device and reconnect, and sometimes I have to re-pair while holding the device.

I can't pair it again to my C-7 hub at the moment ... : ( Pairs to C-8 without a problem.
I have updated the first post to include a note about C-7 pairing issue.

The driver also has a newer version 2.0.2 where the battery voltage and the battery percentage remaining (calculated) are now processed.

I found the reason why my device did not pair to C-7 : )

And that was .... HA Zigbee2MQTT was accidentally left on 'Permit Join' mode! So it interfered with the device when pairing to Hubitat!


After disabling the 'Permit Join (All)' mode, I can join the Aqara TVOC sensor again to my C-7 hubs.


Is the ZigBee connection disconnected after a while?

It happened once, but I am still working on the driver and moving the device between C-7, C-8, Aqara hub and Z2M, so I can’t say for sure.

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version 2.0.2 timestamp "2023/05/29 11:58 PM" adds configuration of the temperature scale and the air quality unit ('mg/m³', 'ppb') as displayed on the screen :

The button on the top of the sensor must be pressed at the same time when clicking on the 'Save Preferences' button (same as changing the parameters of the Aqara P1 motion sensor).

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Aqara TVOC Air Quality Monitor driver is updated to version 2.1.2 2023/07/23 9:24 AM

There are no new functionalities, just code refactoring utilizing HE libraries feature.

Hi there!

I'm thinking about buying this TVOC monitor but I saw so many bad reviews of it on Amazon.es: Aqara TVOC Air Quality Monitor.

It has 14% one star ... overall 3,7,

It's not too much expensive (45,73€) but the reviews ...

What about the experience of you guys?