[Release] [App] Circadian Daylight (v0.80) (Port)


A few edits to the code locally. Still focusing on MagicHome (and now, a lot more wedding planning :slight_smile: ) but I'm having some good success with it. I'll get something out as soon as stably I can.



And congrats!:tada:


Agreed, this version seems to be working very well. It updates right away when the lights are turned on, and it will continue updating while the lights are on. The other versions don't do that. Only thing it's really missing is the sunrise/sunset offset.


I’ve got that baked into my version as a setting. Let me make sure it’s ready for release, and I can probably let it loose.


:raised_hands: Fresh out of the oven. :cupcake:


I think Adam served the cupcakes to his wedding guests. :cupcake::raised_hands: :revolving_hearts:


Almost. I put that version up last week and I don’t think it works since it’s not from my home hub. I will Get the right one in a couple hours :slight_smile:


Oh wow, I didn't even notice you put it up - should we try it?


I put it up thinking “I don’t know if this is the right version or not”... and it wasn’t. My intent was to swap it out and let everyone know. I’ll be able to hop on my laptop in a bit here and update... I’ll let you know ASAP :slight_smile:


Brightness overrides don't work. BUT ... CT and Time, do. Check the notes in the header for future changes.


Edit: Added offsets ... @kilowatts ... I'm sure you wouldn't mind telling me if those work for you? I don't use them (I have it set to my specific on/off scheduling).

Edit 2: What other features would y'all want in here? :cowboy_hat_face:


it seems that we lost the ability to only have it function for certain modes. I like my lights to be extremely blue first thing in the morning (really suppress that melatonin and promote wakefulness), then transition to more natural light for the rest of the day. I want to be able to limit the circadian app by mode.



I just pushed a fix ... 0.71. I'm still checking if it works as expected—I normally don't use modes for overrides.

I think it's working—I set up a basic test here. And then I set up a new permanent CD app for a set of lights in my kitchen—if the main lights are on, the CT of my ambient lights in there will change, if it's off, they are set to orange for night mode.

I presume you'll let me know if it's not working expectedly for you? :smiley:


Got it going - I presume the "color temperature override" refers to the Min and Max temps?


Correct! In degrees kelvin.

Once everything is tested and working I'll make the UI more understandable.


Awesome, thanks again! I feel like circadian lighting will eventually be widely adopted and we'll start seeing studies on how it's beneficial for productivity in the workplace, and overall good for well-being.


100% agreed. I remember discovering f.lux for the first time several years ago, and my world's never been the same.

I wish Philips made a colder version of their warm-glow bulbs. That would be a game changer. 6000k at 100% brightness, 2300k at 1% brightness :heart_eyes: If only...


The LIFX Day&Dusk bulbs have a range of 6000-1500. It's seriously campfirey here around bedtime.


Nice! That is some high resolution color shifting right there.


Updated to 0.72.
• Fixed an issue with sunset offset issues (Thanks to @kilowatts!)
• Added custom zip code overrides. Let me know how (if? :laughing:) this works for you.


Does this only work for HUE bulbs ?

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