[RELEASE] Amber Electric Integration for Hubitat - Designed for the New API

G'day fellow Aussies - Im playing around with Amber Electric ATM and discovered the existing device driver uses an old and very inaccurate API. So with some helpful pointers from @sburke781 and a lot of ChatGPT queries, I present the "Amber Electric Integration for Hubitat".

Unlike the old driver, this version looks up your Site ID and gets your specific data, rather than using the post code to get general data for your suburb. As a result, the data is 100% accurate.

  • currentIntervalPerKwh = the price electricity from the grid costs you right now
  • currentIntervalSpotPerKwh = the price you get for selling power to the grid right now

I'm not a Dev, so there's likely to be bugs in it - feel free to point them out, and improvement suggestions are of course welcome.

You will need to be an Amber Electric customer and log on to the web portal to enable Dev mode. Once you've done that, you can generate an API key and get access to the data.



The Driver is also available via Hubitat Package Manager under Energy Monitoring.

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  • v1.3.0 - Added a HTML Dashboard tile with Import / Export Prices


  • Driver is available via Hubitat Package Manager
  • v1.2.0 - Added Rounding of pricing data to 2 decimal places
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I've just released v1.3.0 which adds a HTML Dashboard tile with Import / Export Prices:


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Hi All, just a note that im not going to be able to support this driver going forward, I just found Amber to be a poor fit for my 5.4kW + PW2 system and have moved on to a traditional retailer.