[RELEASE] Alpha WyzeSense Integration [Code no longer being updated]

Thanks for all of your flow I will try to import it this weekend when I get back to the house. What node did you for the Message WyzeSense down, restarted? I don't recognized them thanks.

It's a Tasker Join node.

Do you have Tasker on your phone? Do you have to have account?

Yes, I have Tasker. You have to pay for it and there are some additional plugin that also can be purchased incl Join.

OK thanks I will look into it.

Check this out. This is way deeper into Tasker & Join than I have gone.

I forgot that I own Tasker brought it years ago. Thanks for the info I will read it.

@stephen_nutt just want to thank you for your help and I now have join app working. I have another question your Wyze Net Rebooter is that just a Virtual Switch? if so do you have it set to run is it set to run automatically whenever WyzeNet goes offline? Thanks

Yes, it's just a Virtual Switch that goes auto-off. I originally had the URL in my Join Notification be an HTTP Request that would flip that switch just by clicking on the notification but thought that might leading to me accidentally flipping when I didn't want to. Instead, I changed it so that it opens a cloud-based dashboard with only that Virtual Switch on it. Then, I can choose whether or not to flip the switch.

Thanks for the reply. I create a virtual switch and mine just send me a message and then I make a decision. I think I liking your way better where it open automatically and then make a decision. Thanks

@kellykoehn128 did you get you locks and if you did are you thinking about hooking them in with the WyzeNet?? Also have you giving any thought to the Wyze Plug? Thanks

I had to reflash my Pi so re-installed the WyseSense Integration. I got the Telnet session to connect but can't get the bridge started. In Terminal on the Pi, I entered the commands and got this result:
Permission denied

Any suggestions? I ordered some more Wyze Motion & Contact Sensors yesterday. It figures that I would have trouble with this today. haha

Did you check the hubitat.py file and make sure the dev/hidraw0 is set correctly? I just moved my pi to a headless system and use the WinSCP program to make changes etc. and had to make a change to the hidraw. I also was going to ask you something else about the Node-Red I'm trying to make a change to the WyzeNet. What I like to do is before you get the message about the Wyze being down for 6 hours couldn't we have an device node that it check and if the Wyze is connected it would restart the timer? instead of alerting you?

Yeah, I saw your post about dev/hidraw0 and checked. I believe this says it's correctly hidraw0:

If I understand you correctly about the Node Red part, at the 6 hour mark, you want the sequence to check one more time before alerting? Is that the question?

Yes basically if before it hit the sequence if you can have a device node that show both are connected then reroute back to the timer?. I don't know if it can be done? But if you have a device node it shows if they are connected or not. I 'm going to mess around with it and try to do it. I let you know if I have any luck.


Any idea how I could find and view any logs to get more detailed reason why Permission is getting denied? Everywhere I can find Googling said that using Sudo in front gives file permission. I have struggled trying to use the HousePanel dashboard app because the node server won't keep running and I wonder if this is related. It's frustrating because it says Permission denied but no further info.

Hey have you try this?

chmod +x /home/pi/WyzeSensePy-master/hubitat.py

Nothing happens. It just goes back to blinking cursor. What is supposed to happen?

Ok, so i moved Node Red and Pi Hole to my other Pi4 and reflashed the SD card and installed this from scratch. All of the sensors are back in!!! This is great news because I ordered more sensors on Tuesday and they get here Saturday. I am back in business!!!

Hey I'm glad you back in business. I'm glad all of your sensor came back? I just brought a PI-4 and put Ubuntu Mate on it just to try it out and so far it's good.

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