[RELEASE] Advanced vThermostat - Virtual Thermostat HVAC control

I have been looking for a way to notify me when emergency stop is invoked. You reference that ability in this post. Is this a branch of the vThermostat available today? Thanks.

I try not to public my customizations as public branches - however, I'm happy to share my customized version which attributes the orig code. I'm in the midst of dramatic change ATM - I moved my house yesterday. While all my things are now at the new place - it will be a few days before I get my smart world back into functional! If you can wait and remind me I'm happy to share privately.

Will do - thanks!

I was planning to get a new version out, but my screen time needs to be at a minimum because I have a rapidly deteriorating lens (cataracts) in one eye and my one good eye gets tired fast. Since my main work is on computers as a Lead/Acide and Lithium battery CAD designer for industrial machines. I'm taxing it to much already and do very limited work on the computer at home (Did try to show my wife how to program, but here computer illiterate side takes over really fast :pleading_face:).

As soon as I get my surgery done, I will be able to get back to this project.


Thank you for the update Nelson. Sorry to hear about your cataracts and I hope that your surgery will go well and that you will be better than new. Your main focus of course should be work and not Hubitat, although I really value your contribution to the community.


Hey Nick,
Sorry for your current situation. If you want, I can open a pull request to you, to add what is needed for the Advanced vThermostat to be standard and supported in the new Easy Dashboards. It is 3 lines of code:


		attribute "supportedThermostatFanModes", "JSON_OBJECT"

in the metadata, then adding

	sendEvent(name: "thermostatFanMode", value: "auto")
	sendEvent(name: "supportedThermostatFanModes", value: ["auto"])

in the installed() function.

Once these changes are made, people need to hit Configure for each device.

This is sufficient to make the thermostat work with the new Easy Dashboards.

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