[RELEASE] AdGuard Home DNS Server and Client Manager

This is an app and drivers to manage AdGuard Home DNS Servers and their configured clients.

I created this package so that I could have a physical switch to block/unblock YouTube on my kid's devices.


  • Block/Unblock AGH built-in services
  • Enable/Disable
    • Protection
    • Filtering
    • Parental Control
    • Safe Search
    • Safe Browsing

Basic Instructions:
Install the App and Drivers with HPM.
The Client driver is not required if you only want to control global server settings.
Open the app then add your first server.
If you want to manage clients, be sure to create child devices from the app or server device.

HPM Manifest - https://raw.githubusercontent.com/JoKneeMo/hubitat/main/adguardhome/packageManifest.json

GitHub - hubitat/adguardhome at main · JoKneeMo/hubitat · GitHub



This looks awesome. Much more advanced than I was planning on making it. All I really want is to be able to disable the protection easily and then set a timer to have it come back on automatically. Looks like this should do it in combination with a rule to turn it back on.

Update: When setting this up I put in my credentials wrong, also forgot to include the port with the IP. Might want to word it in a way something about Server IP:Port?

In the app part, I clicked on the newly added server and then it created a duplicate. After that I went to the device until I could refresh it with proper settings, then I went back and clicked on the server in the app. Looks to be working now.

This was with missing port

This was with wrong username

I'll update the IP text and and a credential check before creating the server.

The IP/hostname field will assume port 80 or 443 if TLS is enabled.

Download the Hubitat app