[RELEASE] A bunch of various integrations (no longer maintained)

Ok, I've gotten to the point where I think all my integrations are "Stable" even though there is more work to do to add better error handling and more features. However, I've been using these for a while so I figure I'll share:

Let me know if you hit any snags! They've all been working for me but outside of Ring and BOND none of these have been tested by anyone else.


Petnet Smartfeeders

You made me want to buy another connected device. I have a 3.8lb yorkie, yes 3.8 pounds. he gets a little less then 1/3 of a cup (20g) of food a day in three feedings. my question is, how accurate have you found the dispensing of the food.

and looking at the driver it looks like I would be able to control feedings with rule machine.

would love to hear you opinion on the feeder itself, would you recommend the product.

Your Bond integration works pretty dang well - I just seem to running up against two different issue.

One - where the light control isn't working. Not sure if I am missing something - fan control/speed is great - but toggling the light does not actually do anything.

It issues a command:


But it doesn't actually do anything.

I am also seeing a java error that only seems to be related to a single device

java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property '00000003' on null object on line 344 (updateDevices)

Thanks for the great stuff!

The feeder itself is well built and great. The "smart" portion of it... not so much. The wifi drops a lot. I don't use RM to control the feedings. If you schedule it through their app the feedings save on the device which means even if the wifi drops, my cats get fed. RM would scare me though since then I'm requiring the cloud to work to feed them. They claim it's because I use Google Wifi and mesh Wifi causes issues because "mesh means devices connect and disconnect a lot" I told them that's BS, I have 45 devices on my wifi and exactly 1 with this issue... I'd personally recommend against it if you're planning to use RM to control the feedings.

Does it work from the BOND App? Any chance you've tried it calling the API directly?

When does this occur? When changing a fan speed? Any chance you could show me a screenshot of the Application State section of the app settings?

Does it work from the BOND App? Any chance you've tried it calling the API directly?

Yes - first thing I checked to make sure I wasn't loosing my mind. I tried to d simplify the chain as much as I could. I haven't tried to make the API call directly. I would need to look it up.

No - it just shows up in the log every few minutes - there isn't any correlation with a button press or anything of that nature


Thanks a ton for looking

Can you download the latest app? I added some more debug logging. If you could both try turning the light on/off that isn't working and see if that random error occurs. I think the random error is because your fan supports 6 speeds and Hubitat only supports 5 so I have to think about how to handle that.

Note: I added initial support for dimmable lights in this release so hopefully I didn't break anything!

Will give it a shot tomorrow and report back! I didn't even think about the 5 vs 6 speed thing. Apparently I have a fancy fan

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I have a plan for > 5 speed fans but I'd love to see what the logging shows first because the changes I have in mind will need some testing and I don't any bond compatible fans so I'd need assistance testing.

Ok - here is some data:

The first error seems to be repeating itself with no pattern - the other error looks like it generated when I did a power on/off on the fan with 6 speeds.

Let me know any specifics I need to pull for you


Try the latest app code when you get a chance, I added some code that should fix these issues and support fans with up to 10 speeds.

Looks to be about the same error wise:

I added a little more logging, could you update again?

Here you go:

Great, that was helpful. I think I have it fixed now. Let me know how it goes

Ok the latest rev cleaned up that error for sure. I can't test the other issue until tomorrow (Lights not working at all on a couple fans)

Unrelated to fixing the lights, but I added a lot of better error handling in the latest code so I'd recommend grabbing the latest app. I also fixed a bug with fireplace fans

Is there supposed to be a device driver for more than "Ring Manager"?


Petnet device suggestion: I've change the hopperLevel attribute to a number instead of a string which i find useful to use in a rule to monitor level and remind me to fill the hopper.

Thought I'd suggest it be changed in the repo.

Thanks again for the driver/app and making me buy another connected device :>

So I am VERY interested into the Roomba app. I have been attempting to install Dorita980 and Rest980. The directions are quite poor for installing these NPM add-ons. Any direction on this?