Release - Iris V1 Support Dropped on C8?

So is hubItat dropping support for Iris V1?

Platform Changes
C8 only - hide Iris V1 inclusion and compatible devices.


I'd like to know too! I have a number of Iris 1 devices including the keypad and if that's the case, I'm sticking to C7 as long as I can



  • Iris V1 devices are not supported for new pairings on the C8. You cannot add any Iris V1 devices to the C8 directly.
    -- This is why the Iris V1 device pairing options have been removed on the C8
  • You can migrate Iris v1 devices from a previous hub to the C8. However, if they fall off you won't be able to get them back on the C8. I have about 8 Iris V1 that I migrated from my C7, working fine. If they fall off I'll put them on my C7 and use Hub Mesh to link them to the C8.

C7, C5, C4:

  • Iris V1 still supported

Only on the C-8 hardware platform. Iris V1 devices are not compatible with the zigbee 3.0 radio.


Well, damn! I was going to ask as well and hoped it just meant that if you didn't have you could choose not to see that pairing option. If we don't update to .138, would we still be able to re-pair v1's to the C8?

Good thing I kept the old hub, but would have been good to know this would happened at the beginning of the transition.


Using HubMesh is great. I have all my Iris V1 devices on a C5 hub. Everything else is on a C7 hub. I have another C7 hub that I have not yet put into use. I had thought to move the Iris V1 devices to it, but I think I will keep it as a spare for now. HubMesh has worked great for me to use the Iris V1 devices for automation and security. I can understand dropping them if the radios are not compatible with the Zigbee 3.0 radio.

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Older platform versions on the C-8 will let you attempt pairing these devices. But the outcome will be unsuccessful.


It was unknown then. Hubitat supports a 1000+ devices. Hard to retest for everything.


I think we all agree, except the universe, which insists on being troublesome and unpredictable.


Oof, has there been any official announcement regarding this beyond the release note? If I wasn't so pernickety as to check the notes before every update I'd have been completely unaware and shot myself in the foot.

Is there any possibility of having this added back as an unsupported feature, something that needs to be toggled in the Zigbee settings, perhaps? [EDIT: See testing below.] The Iris V1 devices I have on my C8 are working perfectly, as are many other non-Zigbee 3.0 devices.

Just linking this thread back to the release notes too, in case anybody else is reviewing them and doesn't catch this.

Aye, but this was a whole class of previously supported devices, not just one random doodad.

Can confirm, at least with an AlertMe Smart Plug. On a C7 running it pairs and completes in a few seconds. On a C8 with the same firmware the device is found and initialisation begins, but never completes. :sob:

If they are migrated yes they will work. If you have to re-pair them they won't. Leave them on the c7 and use hub mesh

Yup, and thank goodness my C7 has the vast majority of them. The others were indeed all imported.

It's just frustrating that this whole subset of devices have been dropped from the most recent platform without notice, as support for them was my primary reason for hopping on the Hubitat train to begin with. Doubly so as they do appear to work fine once paired (I can see some are even routing traffic for Zigbee 3.0 devices).

Guess I'll be keeping at least one spare C7 in my metaphorical back pocket.

Is the incompatibility just in the pairing process, or is it more extensive and should I look to proactively shuffle any Iris V1 devices from the C8 to the C7?

It's the pairing. My understanding is they were an oddball zigbee implementation in the 1st place. Hence why it always had a seperate pairing button in hubitat. It was discovered after the C8 was released they don't like the 3.0 controller (even though 3.0 is SUPPOSED to be backwards compatible). Mike tried and just couldn't make it work once the problem was discovered. Again, you can't test for everything. That said my v2/v3's are fine with pairing. (I don't have any v1's)

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Ah, well that makes sense.

Ha, you're right there. As I understand it there was no complete spec when they were created, so everything sent and received is essentially "vendor specific".

All my drivers for them operate using raw commands, a lot deciphered by Dave at Desert Home and folk who will remain nameless but very much appreciated. :star_struck:

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When Iris went belly up with so little notice, it turned out the C-5's Zigbee chipset could be coerced into communicating with the V1 devices. It was sure nice to have an offering to allow Iris migration to occur, especially when Iris v2 and v3 devices were hard to find as replacements. But that was in 2019. :slight_smile: The new chipset was supposed to be 100% backwards compatible, but turns out isn't. Here we are in 2023 and it turns out the last Hubitat Hub that works with Iris v1 is the C-7.

It may be that SiLabs will produce a new 'more backwards compatible' fix to the v3.0 Zigbee chipset, but we can't plan for that. I'm thinking it's time to start replacing Iris v1... I know that's a common enough suggestion in the ZWave world, regarding non-Plus devices. Using a C-5/C-7 to extend the life of a long-end-of-life product seems an awesome answer, but one that distinctly says "those days are nearly over" :smiley:

Said another way... a person with a working C-5 or C-7 that uses Iris v1 are unaffected... their choice to delay migration MAY put them in a great place should SiLabs release an update/fix. We already know that this chipset is not as compatible as SiLabs originally imagined/announced. If next year, all these compatibility issues are gone, then those that migrate then will wonder what the fuss was about :smiley:


I have a.c5, c7 and c8. I have my c8 running but should the time come that my iris v1.need to be paired again then the c5 will come out to play.

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Or put them on the c7 :slight_smile:

Odd question, is this perhaps why my Ikea Blinds wont pair. not sure if this is the same issue or not, but one of mine dropped out, and now I can't get it to re-pair.

Iris gen 1 were a unique set of zigbee devices because of the non-standard profile they used.

It’s possible you’re running into a similar issue with your ikea blinds, but I don’t think it’s likely it’s the “same” issue.


Yeah ikea stuff can be persnickety. Shut down your hub the pull power for a couple of mins and power back up and see if it re pairs then (actually make sure it's removed from hubitat all together before you attempt re pairing)

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