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I have an Aqara motion sensor that works well, and I'd like to tap into it's illuminance sensor for more advanced programming. In order to do this I would be interested to know what "lux levels" it typically reports throughout a day so that I can set some rules accordingly.

Can anyone advise on the best way to get a log of the reported lux level each hour? It would be great if this could be sent to google sheets or similar for analysis/charts, but even just logging a message with the lux level each hour would be a good start.

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Have you taken a look at the Device Details page for the Aqara motion sensor, and clicked on the EVENTS link near the top? This will show you the data that the sensor has produced to help you get an idea of the values throughout the day.

One thing to be aware of is the Aqara Motion sensor only reports LUX data when it senses motion, not continuously.

Hubitat doesn't have any built-in graphing solutions, but some have made workarounds with InfluxDB+Grafana and similar. (I use MQTT over to Home Assistant, which has simple built-in Google Graphs--certainly not the intent of that platform, but one of few features I missed when switching to Hubitat, so I kept it around.) Most are not for the faint of heart, unfortunately.

However, if you just want to see a table of past values, the above solution should work well. You can even search for "illumance" or similar to filter the list, then you'll really just see a past log of those events. Unfortunately, if you're trying to track its lux readings throughout the day, these sensors only report lux when there is motion. They do not report lux periodically or as a result of change. Therefore, your readings are likely to be less useful than you might hope, depending on what you were planning to do with them. There are others (almost any other I'm aware of except at least some Hue motion sensors) that report lux and do so without motion if you happen to need that for your purpose.

Really helpful advice, thank you both!



I am using Node-RED to log the Hubitat events to a text file (csv).
See this link Logging events

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