Registered Hub(s)

I have 2 hubs, one is C7 and the other is C8, normally using my PC browser I can log into my account navigate to my registered hubs ("My Hubitat"), then select "Connect to hub" open my dashboard on the hub I selected.

Well today, something changed, when I go to "Connect to hub", its greyed out, and I can not select either hub

The strange thing I did not make any changes to either hub.

I can still use my phone app to get to my dashboards on each hub.

I can also, browse to each hub if I'm on the local network.

Something changed on the my account to disable the "Connect to hub"

reboot the hubs and try again. If they still don't show up, they may not be connecting to the internet

did that before I posted the issue, both hubs are connected to the internet because I can get to the hubs with my iphone with the app

The issue appears to be the hubitat account itself, the link is greyed out

This typically indicates that your hubs cannot connect to Hubitat’s cloud servers. Your hubs may have internet access, but do they have access to a functional DNS? Without the latter, they cannot translate FQDNs into IP addresses. And without that, can’t connect to Hubitat’s cloud.

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wait, I just figured out the link greyed out must be for the paid service for "remote" admin

question, is the the cost for the paid service for remote admin. is the cost "Per hub", or "Per account"? What if you have several hubs? Do you have to pay for each hub?


Hub Protect is per hub - with multi-hub discounts. Remote Admin is per account, with an annual subscription discount.

Remote Admin: one subscription for all hubs registered with the same account >> $2.99/month (first month free) or $29.99/year (two months free/year).

Hub Protect: one subscription for each hub >> $29.99/year; $19.99/year for each additional hub using multi-hubs discount code during the check out.

Bundle gives you the best of both at discounted rate: $54.99/year for main hub enables Hub Protect and Remote Admin.

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thanks guys

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question: does hub have a way to automatically reboot itself, if it does not have a connection to the internet, say after (x) mins? in the scada world, we have watchdog timers, that run and auto resest and/or reboot if required to reconnect when comms are lost. just asking if the hub has this option

after a reboot, it can back online

You could use @thebearmay 's ping utility and simply create a rule that pings something like or once a minute. After 5 failed replies reboot.

great, because I think that's how its done in the SCADA world. We reboot cell modem like that

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Im sorry to ask this, but a struggle to find stuff, like this apps or drivers, I never know if if is built in, or something I have to import, Im missing something, is there a place where all these apps and drivers are stored?

Read the following link. It will have a link to Hubitat Package Manager. That contains most of the community supported stuff where as the built in apps are already installed. The screen shot above is from HPM. Any time an app or driver is referred to as an author's name (as in @thebearmay 's Ping utility) means that it's a community driver or app, or we will refer to Native/Built in for the drivers/apps that come with the hub.

When I go to my hub, and select "Add Built-In App", I only see about 40 apps, and the device ping is not in the list

And I have Hubitat Package Manager installed

You need to search for ping using Hubitat Package Manager. With that being said, you don't need a ping app to use ping. Ping has been available as a Rule Machine command for a long time.

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Click on APPS on the left hand side.

Scroll down to Hubitat Package Manager.

Click Hubitat Package Manager

Click Install

Keyword Ping (or any other keyword for installing something)

Hubitat package manager is for Community supported apps and drivers, while clicking add built in app under apps is for Hubitat Native apps... (also same with drivers)

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that is VERY helpful, that's the steps I was missing