Refresh List of Bulbs in Hue Bridge Integration Native App

Good evening All,
I have just added a couple of bulbs to my Hue bridge, however I cant get them to show up in the Hue Bridge Integration.

The app references pushing a refresh button, but it doesnt appear to be displayed. I dont want to have to remove the app as I have a lot of bulbs set up in a ton of scenes and pistons. Any ideas how to force a refresh or update the app?

I've seen this before and never found a reliable way to make that button appear (and ended up writing my own integration for other reasons), but here are a few guesses that may or may not work:

  • under "Devices," find your Hue Bridge device and see if a "Refresh" command on it
  • add a bulb you don't care about (you can remove it later)
  • try discovering/adding groups (again, you can remove any if you add one)
  • click the name of your Hue Bridge (above options), just to view the page--don't change anything--and see if either that or hitting "Done" on that page helps.

Again, just a few guesses...may or may not help. :slight_smile:

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Hi Bert,
Thanks for getting back to me, I tried each of the 4 suggestions, each time checking to see if my newly added hue bulbs appeared in the list after, but they haven't. I have even rebooted the hub.

Any chance you could share your working integration with me?

I’ve noticed the lack of a refresh button also.
But I’ve always been able to get it to refresh by clicking in the combo box and clicking outside or closing out and then reopening the app. I’ve never had to restart or do anything severe to make it refresh.

You can find it here if you are interested: [RELEASE] CoCoHue: Hue Bridge Integration (including scenes!)

But I don't want to push you towards a custom solution--not sure why the built-in one isn't working for this (maybe the above suggestion will help?). I know you said above that you didn't want to have to remove and re-add the app, so keep in mind that switching to this would be about the same amount of work since you'd have to swap your devices in all apps. On the bright side, the code is open if something doesn't work as you expect? :smiley: