[RECURRING] OAuth Connections Down / Performance Issues

Totally agree this is not resolved. Had to continually retry for 5-10 minutes before my changes finally took hold yesterday. I used to enjoy tinkering with SharpTools, but now I dread making any changes. I know it's a pain, but I may have to resurrect my old Home Assistant setup to avoid this constant Hubitat/SharpTools fiasco that's been going on for way too long.

For SharpTools, keep in mind that if you already have your hub authorized and you just want to update your device selections, you can bypass the OAuth process altogether.

Rather than updating the authorization from your SharpTools User Page → Manage Connections, you can update your device selections directly from the SharpTools 'app' within your Hubitat Hub's admin UI.

The latter approach bypasses the OAuth process altogether since you already have a valid authorization and just need to update the device selections and sync them over.


Thanks for this info. I think this was pointed out earlier in this thread, but it wasn't clear to me that, once authorized, I should be controlling the SharpTools sync from the Hubitat side...now I understand. Thanks again!

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It looks like the issues with the Hubitat authorization servers are occurring again.

I had a user report the issue last night and I was able to reproduce it in SharpTools, IFTTT, and Google Home.

When I checked this morning it seemed like things were back to normal again, but I'm seeing the issue recurring intermittently again this afternoon.

Tagging @bobbyD @gopher.ny and @mike.maxwell for awareness

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