Recovery After Power Failure

Where I am located, we are subject to relatively frequent power-failure events. The good news is that most of them are brief, and we don't seem to have significant power surges along with those events.

The bad news about the power failures is that we often have "flickers" with the power outages, and the lights will go on and off many times within a short period of time. The hub seems to survive these flickers and outages quite well, and I have not yet needed to restore it from a backup. Unfortunately, many of the lights are "lost" to the hub after the failure, and will not respond to commands.

I have found that to recover control over the lost lights, I can put the hub into zigbee/Z-wave search mode, and while that is going on, I do a reset of the individual bulbs (It's tedious, as they are Osram/Lightify units that require 6 on/off cycles, seconds apart). At that point, I regain control of the bulbs, but still have problems with the named groups that use those bulbs.

To fix the groups, I have had to go into each one and then remove the problem bulb, re-add it, and then re-save the group just like it used to be. Then all is well until the next power outage.

Any suggestions for how this might be more easily fixable?

If power failures are common, the very first thing I would do is get a UPS for the hub.
Database corruption is a very real possibility with any computer upon power loss, even if only for a fraction of a second.
Unfortunately, I have no suggestions for your bulbs.



The only suggestion I can give you for bulb is get a Hue bridge and hue/Ikea bulbs. They automatically recover after a surge. A UPS is a must for your electronics for surge protection.

On a similiar note. My hub is on a UPS so it does not lose power. However, I have a few smart bulbs that after a power outage they come on. Which is normal behavior.

In order to get them back off I have to go to my dashboard, hit the button twice. The first time it tells HE to turn the light on but since they are already on that doesn't really do anything but get HE in sync with the light. Second time then tells HE to turn the light off. Not hard, just tedious to go thru all the lights.

It would be nice at the least if HE would recognize that the lights are on so I only had to push the button once. They are Sengled bulbs by the way.

Or if there was someway to detect on a power outage which lights were on/off before the outage and then get them reset to the previous state.

Sengled bulbs are able to know their accurate state even when the power is turned off to them. This is a known issue with the HE driver. I searched for the thread that has a work around but was unable to find it. It involved loading a Smartthings driver to configure the bulb and then returning to the the HE driver.

@chuck.schwer this is that issue I mentioned needing a fix for.

Is there a way to trigger an action or routine after a power failure and HE restart?

It could be used to update the status of bulbs, or make sure that unnecessary lights are not lit i.e.

Yes see here Rule Machine: Trigger on Reboot?.


Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

You're welcome!