Recommended zwave or zigbee multi/motion with usb

I need a recommendation for a multisensor with usb connection and good range that i can put in my bathroom. Iineed motion, temp and humidity.

This is the kicker... I also need to be able to configure to not be TOO chatty the aeon 6 ver6 and later all do not seem to honor the reporting intervale and report every 30 secs to 1 minute.. i dont need reports that often..

thanks in advance..

need one that is not built into a swich that i can attach to wall.

Zooz ZSE18? ZOOZ ZEN18 | Motion Sensor

Inovelli LZW60 is battery by default, but has a USB, and apparently there is a printable USB battery cover.

has anyone using this cann you commend on the options to set temp and humidity reports and if they work.. also what is the motion timeout and can it be changed.. thanks..

also anyone have a 3d printer can sell me a battery cover with the hole for usb

i've tried the zooz they are chatty as crap and the batteries only last weeks

also out of stock everywhere

I thought you wanted USB? Although that doesn't solve the "chatty" problem, it wouldn't be a concern.

Inovelli said they were having short supply of lots of things. Maybe this will come back into stock soon?

I don't like Zwave for motion, I have had too many "iffy" experiences with them. They either are slow to respond, or like you mention chatty, or they suck down batteries. Maybe that is just what I have tried?

Personally I like the Iris V3 motion. The batteries last forever, they are responsive and sensitive without being too chatty. They are also fairly inexpensive compared to other options. In general, I think Zigbee are much better for motion or multi-sensors than Zwave.

The Nyce Zigbee motion sensors work great, do temp, humidity and motion. They run on two AAA batteries, and they last a couple years with these sensors.

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i do want usb in this case as i have it in the bathroom on a usb cable.. but i also would like the cover so i can mount to the screw..

the chatyness is so not to put more stress on the hub than needed.. i like the temp and humidity in the batchroom but dont really need it more than every 10 minutes..

All the aeon i have tried dont honor the settings and send way too many messages as does the stupid zooz.

I have had fine luck with the ecolink motion sensors batteries also last years and becuase they dont trigger and reset too often (every 3 minutes) which is fine for me..

expensive.. not paying 50 bucks for a sensor..

I had the same opinion for a while. After hearing good things about em I finally caved and picked up 5 of them. No regrets... They work better than expected. I use them in the bathrooms to control the vents and lights.


what are the reporting options for temp and humidity?

3041 or 3045 and whats the diff?

i also like usb since i have the plug there and its one less thing i have to remember to swap batteries before going to our other house for 4-5 months.. and one less thing to die if i forget

also the ones i am seeing are not aaa but cr2 what model is yours.. i dont want moer cr2

Long Battery Life (up to 5 years),

thanks yous must be the ceiling one with 2 aa batteries. dont think that is going to work for me as there is a large heater celing fan in center of bath.

I don't have any directly over the bath and the all work fine. On of them is just leaning against the wall by my sink in the master.

not impressed with the nyce sensor.. first one will not report temp with any frequency.. once the temp is not changing much it doesnt report it till there is motion then suddenly there is a big change, so obviously its not reporting.

got a replacement and this once is not reporting humidity changes.. ran a shower other one went up to 57% as it should,. the new one stays at 33% checked till there was motion then suddenly jumped to 42 but still too low.
they are mounted right next to each other

guess i can keep one for temp and one for humidity.. lol .. i dont think so .. too expensive..

motion works the same on both.

old one working for humidity but not temp.. look at the time between temp reports

new one working for temp, but not humidity

what driver are you using.. my driver built in nyce does not have those options..

that is probably my issue

Using the built-in... You got the ceiling mount ones right? Those are the ones I have.


THe 3043 are ceiling mount with tripple a batteries. I don't know about the other model.

no i have the wall mount one.. but why would the options in the driver be different.. i guess that is a problem with the driver..