Recommended tablet

Hi all. I want to buy a used android tablet to have as a wall mounted control panel / dashboard. Will any kinda do or should I be looking for specific specs?
Thanks. Alan

I use the Amazon 10" Fire HD with the Echo Show cradle. We use it infrequently, but it's handy when it is needed. This set-up isn't dedicated to just dashboard use, so I keep a browser with multiple tabs open and refresh as needed.

I use the 8" fire HD tablet. Others the 7". There were wall mounts available at one time - worth searching for. As far as price, if you are in the US, Amazon has refurbished and used units available.

Other than that, any that will run a tested browser will work (not all browsers play nice with Hubitat).

The fire does not support these; however, the native browser works fine.


PS - found the below site. Has some good info on fire tablet as Hubitat pad.

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Oh yeah, I forgot I had added the Google APKs to the Fire. I run Chrome on it.

From recently going through this I would say it's imperative, if you're buying a used tablet, to buy something that is capable of running Android 6 (Marshmallow) or higher. You will just be limited which apps you can run for notifications etc without at least version 6