Recommended Motion Sensors

What is the best/recommended outdoor motion sensor?

I would prefer to use Zigbee unless there is a must superior Zwave unit. I want to use these to activate my door lights and yard floodlights when people walk nearby the sensor.


I use two Monoprice Zwave motion sensors outside. One for my porch light, and one in my mailbox.

I chose these for a few reasons:

  • They're cheap
  • The batteries last longer than any other motion sensor I've tried
  • I don't need lightning fast response times in these areas, and these are rather slow.

Outside devices are subject to the elements, and temperature can have an effect on batteries, so take that into account. And the Monoprice motion sensors are practically interchangeable with the Ecolink Motion sensors.

Hue outdoor motion is zigbee

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Hue IMO is the best around, especially the outdoor (a bit pricey though, but worth it)

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This question gets asked a lot. I answered it a couple weeks ago here and referred to an answer I wrote over a year ago, with little having changed in the meantime:

As always, "best" means different things to different people. In general, I find Zigbee sensors to respond much faster, which is important to me for indoor lighting. For outdoor lighting as it sounds like you might be using, this usually matters less (you're not exactly walking into a dark room), the extra range Z-Wave might give you could actually be advantageous, and you'll have to wrestle with the historically problematic (absent, really) category of "outdoor motion sensor" that has only recently appeared in the field (Hue and Zooz are the only two I'm aware of that are officially outdoor, but Aeon lets their 6 be used outdoors if reasonably protected--something lots of us have done for a variety of "indoor" sensors for years regardless).

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I have a couple of the Zooz ZSE29 units that I'm testing. So far they are pretty good. The V2 has Lux and sensitivity adjustments too.

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I like the EcoLink sensors (Z-wave) outdoors. They aren’t rated for outdoor use but they have been fine in Las Vegas weather (high heat and low rain). The best part is their pet immunity. The local stray cats don’t set them off all night.

Inside I’m using the Iris 2 Zigbee sensors but everything sets them off, that’s ok in my use case.

Is the Iris MOT901 the fast response Zigbee sensor you call the Iris V2?

Or is it the Iris 3326-L?

No, that's the v1. I wouldn't recommend those unless you already happen to have them (Iris v1 devices are mostly technically supported but have been flaky for some, with one possible explanation being that the worst offenders are ones that were never actually used on Iris to get firmware updates).

The 3326-L you mentioned is the beloved v2 model. The 3326-L2 is the same generation; I'm not sure if anyone knows why they changed the model number (maybe a minor hardware revision since they look and perform the same). The current Osram/Sylvania/Lightify sensor has the same OEM and only a slightly (IMHO) uglier case if you want something you can still get new. The v3 Iris sensor (il07_1) wasn't bad either, but was short lived before Iris folded. It added humidity sensing and was only a touch slower in my experience but still nothing compared to Z-Wave. The new ST sensor is also pretty good in my experience, though it sometimes took a long time to pair to Hubitat.

Lots of good options. :smiley:

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Motion Sensors made by CentraLite. This includes (I think) some Samsung/SmartThings, some Sylvania, some IRIS, and CentraLite. Generally compact size and quick responding.

I love both the Hue indoor and outdoor motion sensors. I like the lux sensors also and their batteries last much longer than the smartthings motion sensors used everywhere throughout my house. They are a little pricy, but longterm you probably save on battery costs.

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Agree with this, I installed my hue outdoor on May 25th and still on factory supplied AA's showing 88%

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