Recommendations on latest and best contact and motion sensors

Just experimented with 3 different motion sensors: Fibaro, Zooz 4 in 1, and Hue. Here is the summary:

Fibaro - kind of bizarre eye thing, but fine, I could get used to the look. However, I could never get it to pair correctly on my system. The instructions and options were amazingly complex - too complex. I gave up on it.

Zooz - got in connected to my system, but it seemed to throw a wrench in my whole zwave setup, with other devices becoming unresponsive, etc. Regardless, the device was flaky. Changes made in the device setting would show as pending, but I couldn't them to actually update on the device. Motion sensing was very inconsistent. I gave up on it.

Hue - paired easily (as Zigbee). It is responsive to changes in settings and has delivered consistent motion sensing. The overall build quality of the device is much higher than the other devices - its weight and fit/finish is just more solid. I did notice that it sometimes forgets to report lux, which I use for lighting rules. I fixed this problem by doing a device refresh with RM on an interval basis (found that solution in another post).

So far, the Hue motion sensor has been a winner for me.

What kind of range does the Hue motion sensor have?

Also what kind of motion does it detect? I've heard most motion sensors only work if you move perpendicular to it. Would these not be good for motion where you're walking away or towards them? What about for in an office, where you're just sitting mostly still?

I think the Hue documentation says 30+ feet for the range. I actually have mine in my office - it's about 10' away from me, directly to my side. In this arrangement it will detect relatively "small" motion - e.g., sitting back in my chair and leaning forward, but not simply arm movement such as computer use. I use the sensor to turn on some desk lighting and have it set for a 20 minute timeout. Most of the time it works as desired - once in a while the lights will turn off when I am working and I have to intentionally move to get them back on.

So it sounds like you have it in the ideal position that I've heard people say to place motion sensors in. Have you had any use cases/tests that used it head on? How'd it perform?

Do you know if the Ring Motion Sensors have an ambient light sensor like the Hue motion sensors?

They are security devices. No temp or ambient light sensors.

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That makes me more comfortable paying the extra $10 for the Hue sensor. Hue motion sensors also have temperature? That's also a nice added bonus!

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Yes. Hue have temp and ambient light.


I have been using Home Control Assistant and Insteon for years and now have a Hubitat Hub and I am migrating to Zigbee and Z-wave. Can anyone recommend an OUTDOOR motion sensor (Zigbee or Z-wave) to replace my Insteon 2635-222's that have worked great OUDOORS for so many years??

Thanks In Advance

Hue Outdoor Motion sensors work really well with Hubitat. In addition to motion, they also provide temperature and lux readings.

P.S. the pair directly to Hubitat. No Hue bridge needed.

Another huge bonus for Hue motion sensors: the battery life is really good! I have several indoor and one outdoor Hue motion sensors and the batteries are still showing 100% after nearly a year since I first installed them. I believe the indoor ones are AAA type and the outdoor are AA type, each sensor takes 2 batteries.

I've been really happy with "Smartthings Motion Sensor im6001-mtp01 (2018 model) [made by Samjin]. They have temp, motion and report accurately about battery. They do use the odd C2 batteries but I recently switched to rechargables and and VERY happy (3-4 months between). Zigbee motion sensors work so fast compared to Zwave (at least my limited experience) I have a Zoos 4-1 that has been nothing but a headache - I chose it originally due to it's lumen reporting. It's not been good to me! I also use BEsense zwave for outdoor. But while rebuilding things last week I dropped it and now I've got to find a replacement. I wanted more of the Samsung magnetic units but - I can't find them anywhere! I searched all over the net, everyone is out of stock. For the price, they are my go to units.

Has their been any developments since this post started on good contact sensors. I have looked up most of the recommendations in this and another post. Many of the links do not work. Based on the consistent recommendations, I am between the Xiaomi / Aqara MCCGQ01LM & MCCGQ11LM, Sonoff SNZB-04, and Visonic MCT-340. Liking the price on the MCT-340, as I want to use them for all windows, external doors, fence gates, and internal doors, so I will be buying 20+.

Are there other good ones now available that I should consider?
Which of the 3 I have narrowed down have:

  • Best battery life?
  • Fastest when opened?
  • Notification when closed, or easy way to determine when closed?
  • Other considerations?

I am also looking to buy about 10 motion sensors. I like the Zooz 4-in-1, but is there something better to consider?

Unless you are prepared to build a zigbee network around these sensors, I would not recommend them. Practically, this means that every zigbee router on the mesh has to be Xiaomi compatible.

@aaiyar I had 15 Samsung water sensors in my home, with Smartthings on the top floor, and sensors in the basement (2-story with basement). I never had trouble receiving a signal from them. Would these Xiaomi / Aqara be weaker in terms of transmitting over Zigbee? I'm in a ranch now, with one level above ground and full basement. My Hubitat is in the basement. I have water sensors all over, still working great. I also have a couple of Centralite plugs (4200-C) that act as Zigbee repeaters, I figure one at two corners of the house, These have not been plugged in yet, but the water sensors are working. Do you think this is sufficient?

Not weaker. They use a non-standard zigbee protocol that is not compatible with the majority of ZHA1.2 repeaters.

These are incompatible with Xiaomi Mijia and Aqara contact sensors and motion sensors.

Edit - I would use @anon81541053’s recommendations

+1 for Ring contact sensor G2.... I have 4 installed on various doors and they work great... no issues or problems.

Do you have a C7? There are numerous threads on this forum regarding problems with the 4-in-1 and the C7. I replaced a 4-in-1 with a Hue motion sensor and it has worked great.

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How soon after opening doors do you get the alert? I read the Z-Wave sensors are much slower than Zigbee, but with all of the light switches, fan controllers, and dimmers I have in the house, I should have a great Z-Wave network.

It looks great as a multi-function sensor. It would be nice to know when it will be available. I'm willing to wait a couple of weeks at the most.

I use the Ring contact sensors to turn on and off lights in pantry, closets, etc and the wait is negligible...the lights turn on I would say less than a second. I got the Ring Gen2 sensors on the recommendation of @bcopeland.....My Favorite Devices (Updated)

Note that the Ring contact sensors Gen2 can only be used on a C7 because it requires S2 security......Support for Ring Alarm Contact Sensor V2?