My Favorite Z-Wave Devices (Updated)

All of the following is my current favorites.. Subject to change as I am constantly testing new devices and on a quest to replace all 500 series devices with 700 series. I'll update this list as my favorites change..

Type Make/Model
Contact Sensors Ring Contact Sensor Gen2 (700 series)
Motion Sensor undecided, I keep ordering different ones but haven't found THE one yet
Button Controller Nexia NX1000
Locks Yale,Danalock V3,August Pro
Security Keyapd Ring Alarm Keypad Gen1
Repeaters Ring Range Extender Gen2 (700 series)
Thermostats Honeywell T6 Pro (I just ordered a 700 series 2gig so this may change)
Chime/Siren Ecolink Chim+Siren 700 Series
Fan/Light Inovelli Red Series Fan/Light Switch (700 series)
In-Wall Dimmer Inovelli Red Series Dimmer
In-Wall Switch Inovelli Red Series Switch
In-Wall Outlet Jasco GE/Honeywell (boring wish there was more innovation here)
Micro-Dimmer RGBGenie ZW-4001
Smart plug Aeotec Smart Switch 7
LED Controller RGBGenie LED Controller(s)
Addressable LED Controller Inovelli Red Series Smart LED Strip (700 series)
Remote Switch Zooz Zen34 Remote Switch (700 series)
Temp/Humidity Sensor Aeotec AerQ (700 series)
Outdoor Motion Homeseer Floodlight Sensor Gen2
Bulbs Someone please make a new bulb.. It used to be Inovelli but S0 only killed this for me.
Smoke/CO Detector First alert ZCombo-G (make sure to find the Z-Wave plus as they didn't change the name)
Flood Aeotec Water Sensor 6 w/ Dock
Scene Contoller Zooz Zen32

Is the Inovelli bulb a 700 Series? I am using them paired with no security (yeah, via secondary controller so maybe not appropriate for everyone) on our bedroom sconces and they have actually been working really well after the firmware update.

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No.. If they were it would support S2 as it is a requirement for 700 certification.

@bcopeland can you use the Ring Contact Sensor Gen2 with Hubitat without Ring Alarm Base?? Thanks.

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Sadly I did know that... sigh. Thanks - the bulbs were really maligned after they came out due to the initial firmware but since the updates as long as they remain powered are really kind of nice - I just haven't had to worry about them.

My favorite 700 devices so far:

Ring Security Extender Gen 2

That's all I have... for now...


Sure can.. I have 16 of these on my Hubitat

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Thanks I just order a couple and was reading where some had issues with batteries? How is battery life with these?? Again Thanks

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I've only had to change out batteries on 1.. But it was due to a driver error that I corrected...

Very cool list Brian. Thanks. This should be pinned somewhere. lol.

Quick question about the zcombo. Is it true that if one goes off they do not all go off? Meaning they are not linked to each other and just to the hub. And then the hub would need to sound a siren?

Edit. And one comment. Have you played with the Alfred DB2? I’ve had my DB2-B for a few months now - replaced a Schlage non-plus. It just works.


I have not (yet)

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I would think not.. Since they are sleepy they are not listening and there is no way for 1 to trigger the others..

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If multiple triggering is important to you, you may want to look at the ring smoke/co listener.. Which listens for your smoke/co detector to go off.

What is the functionality of the Ring Range Extender Gen 2 when in LR mode... does it repeat to another LR device ?

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That would be nothing.. But since there is no LR device firmware certified yet..

The only function (if they chose to support LR) would be the power outage notifications.


Yes it does seem there is little purpose for them to support LR


Thank you. Yes I am aware of the listeners - I was reading about the ecolink firefighter. I didn’t realize ring made one. Thanks. I may use this as a stop gap until they come out with their hardwired + zwave version.

Right now I still have my kidde from my wink days that have been reduced back to being dumb.

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those don't keep the lock functionality iirc, so even if the outside is locked, you can still turn the inside handle and risk locking yourself out (if you don't know the code), right? i remember looking into the kwikset handles, and ultimately decided to put an electric door strike and control it with a relay instead. might be a fun idea to play with :wink:

Happens all the time.. As long as you know your code it’s fine.

I plan on doing this actually.. I have the door strike and z-wave relays..


This is the approach Den have taken with their newly announced lock although the strike has inbuilt Zsomething. I am not sure how open it is.

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