Recommendations for sensors?

I am taking recommendations for motion sensors which I would like to use with my Hubitat Elevation C5 to turn on lights when I walk into certain rooms and turn them off when motion is not detected for a certain time. Both battery operated and plug-in based models would be appreciated.

I am also interested in temperature sensors to use in certain rooms that have a tendency to get hot very quickly, I would like to use these to turn on the ceiling fans in those rooms when the temperature is getting hot.

thanks in advance for any advice and input.

NYCE has excellent zigbee motion sensors that also report temperature and humidity. Work well with Hubitat.

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Philips Hue Indoor Smart Motion Sensor has motion and temp (as well as illuminance) built into it. If you have a costco membership, you can get a 2 pack for like $55


I have 4 more of these being delivered today to add for my humidity monitoring


Hue is the best motion sensor IMO and it's currently $49 AUD on Amazon.

For places like pantry and bathrooms I use contact sensors though.

So I take it Hue motion sensor can work with non-Hue lights as long as it is done through Hubitat?

Do you install it first with the Hue bridge and then with Hubitat?

Also just to be clear, are you referring to this sensor:

Hue motion sensors do not require the hue bridge on hubitat. They will pair direct and have built in driver for them.

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Motion, temperature, humidity, lux, vibration, UV. Battery operated and plug-in based. I have 3x Aeotec MultiSensor 6. I use them to turn on light with motion IF the lux level is bellow x.
Humidity to start the exhaust fan in the bathroom.

Xiaomi Aqara Motion Sensor i have 2 of them and they cost not a lot and work great. Battery only

Xiaomi Aqara Temperature Humidity Sensor i have 9 of them. They are perfect, battery only but they last for an ultra long time. I use them to start ceiling fan. Monitor refrigerator.

Correct, as mentioned by @waynespringer79 Hubitat has a native driver for the hue motion sensor. I have a few here and they work like magic. The key selling points for me were:

1 - Cool off time of 10 seconds which is the interval in which it can be retriggered to be able to check for motion again which is something you need to bear in mind while choosing one to suit your use case. I have some Cygnett ones which I paid $18 AUD each but their cool off time is 1 minute so, for instance, in higher traffic areas like Hallway and kitchen I use Hue whereas in low traffic areas like my Walk-in-robe and Garage I use Cygnett. I find the hue more responsive than the Cygenett too.
2- Battery life of 2 years
3- It reports temperature, illuminance and motion therefore it's somewhat a 'multisensor' too
4- Native driver support in HE
5- Super easy to install as it comes with a very potent magnet so you can literally just effortlessly mount it on a metal surface in 1 second without the need for tools. Most of motion sensors though, come with double sided adhesive which is also great but I've had to relocate some and I ended up damaging the painting on my walls so make sure you are happy with the spot you install it on first (I used masking tape during my tests) so you don't end up with damaged walls like myself.

Btw, the cool off time can really vary depending on the sensor. I ordered some Ecolink ones from Amazon which had a staggering 4 minutes wait so I sent them back.

The Aeotec multisensor is certainly a good recommendation by @dan69d69 but it may be overkill for your use case as it's around $81 for me here in Australia as supposed to $49 for the Hue - Please be aware that the Xiaomi ones don't work well through some repeaters.

Someone once said here that the motion sensors don't detect motion through glass which is why I use contact sensors for my bathrooms as they work perfectly.

If you can find them, Iris V2 motion sensors provide good motion detection, long battery life, and within reasonable range temp readings. (Use a non contact thermometer and adjust in software).

When you get your temp sensors in hit me up on using Rules Machine to write rules to control your ceiling fans by temp changes. I have done exactly that and it works well...

Mind you, a ceiling fan won't make a room cooler, it will move the air around, making it more comfortable at a higher temperature.

To make the room cooler you need to use either an evaporative cooler, or an air conditioner.

If you live in a high humidity environment evaporative coolers simply don't work...

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Thanks for all the recommendations. Would any of these sensor choices be good for a garage in Texas? I'd like to have a temperature and motion sensor there that would turn off the garage lights if no activity, and turn them on if it detects motion, including either of the doors opening.

I use a Philips Hue in my garage in California and it works really well. It reports motion, luminance and temperature. I have a rule to turn lights on/off on motion if lux is < 50 (during lockdown my wife likes to do yoga in the garage with the door open but she wants the lights off) and I have a rule to remind me to slightly open the door if temp > 100.

I'm in League City TX and have had an Iris v2 in my garage for 3 years no issues...

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What if I was looking for a cheap motion sensor only, that I could put in, say, the bathrooms, to detect motion that would turn on the light when the door opens and turn off the light if it detects no motion after a few minutes? Any recommendations for those?

Again, Iris V3 motion sensors. Look at Alex_Sari on ebay. About $12.00 or so per. OR for a more basic motion sensor, about $9.00 will get you a Sonoff SNZB-03 which is reported to work with Hubitat, but be patient as they are shipping from China. Again ebay is probably going to be your cheapest source.

I am not recommending the Sonoff as I have never used them. I have used the Iris V2, Iris V3, Samsung Smartthings, and Monoprice motion sensors. I honestly only really liked the Iris sensors.

I have had good luck with Ikea's Tradfri products, and they have a low cost basic motion sensor that might fit the bill, no clue if they work with Hubitat.

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So far I'm only finding the Iris V3 on E-bay but only pre-owned. I'd rather not buy pre-owned. It's now showing up on Amazon, which is usually my go-to place for buying stuff.

I saw the Sonoff, but like you said, it ships from China. I can buy it from Amazon, but it's nearly twice the price. I might still get it but like you said, you've not tried them.

Do you have any other leads on getting the Iris V3? Very odd that it's not showing up in my Amazon searches.

More than likely because Iris platform shutdown completely almost 2 years ago, therefore you are going to have a hard time finding any "new" devices for sale for a platform that no longer exists. Even if you do they aren't "new" they're just unopened/not been used been sitting in a box somewhere for 2 years now as the manufacturer doesn't make them anymore

The used ones work just fine, and that seller is very reliable, I have 5 of them

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FYI, Alex Sari on eBay is super-reliable, as indicated by @waynespringer79, and those sensors are of excellent build quality.


Hmm. OK. I hate buying "pre-owned" but I guess with this many endorsements I'm starting to think about it. Just to be clear, is this (Iris Motion Sensor IL07 3rd Generation Works with SmartThings & Zigbee | eBay) the Iris sensor you were all referring to?

Also, do these sensors allow you to adjust their sensitivity with regards to motion detection?

Also, given that these are pre-owned, I assume that whatever sticky material they come with for mounting won't be present. What do you guys do with these? Double sticky-tape them to walls? I would want to position these in such a way that opening the door to the room will set them off in addition to detecting regular motion.

Yes those are the ones. They will use the "Generic Zigbee Motion/Humidity Sensor" built in driver.

The motion sensitivity is not adjustable. The temp and humidity readings are.

They don't come with any sticky material, you will need to provide your own if needed. Some of mine are double sided taped and some are just sitting on something.

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