Recommend a Smart Lock?

Can anyone recommend a good smart lock? I currently have Kwikset Kevo's and they are JUNK. The ability to unlock over BLE never works well. I wind up standing at my door for a good minute before it actually unlocks, there is no zwave/zigbee support.... though they announced it back in 2015. Also there are no integrations for Kevo for any platforms.

So I'm looking to throw them in the trash and get something better. Does anyone have any recommendations? I'd like Zwave and for it to look nice (all my hardware is oil rubbed bronze). If it supported BLE (that actually worked) that'd be great too. And obviously Hubitat support is key!

I love my Schlage...

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Which model?

I love my Kwikset !!

BTW this topic is just asking for in-fighting.... it's like asking what's your favourite colour.


Just to keep score:

  • Kwikset
  • Schlage
  • Yale
  • Other

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Well I guess it might lead to fighting, but only because of the way people answered or perhaps I was to vague in my question. I'm not asking Kwikset vs. Schlage... I'm asking for a specific lock people like. No one has given any reason behind their decision, or even a specific model for me to research. Does it support BLE like I asked about? I've heard bad things about zwave locks and me needing a repeater right near it, do these have this problem? Etc. I guess I should have said "what smart lock do you recommend for Hubitat and why." I'm not really looking for a poll of Schlage/Kwikset/Yale, I'm looking to know why you guys chose the ones you did and whether or not you're happy with it.

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I think your best bet is to find a device that fits your needs, right brand, color, and features. These companies don't make non-functional devices. A specific device may not work well in all situations. Something as simple as internal antennae orientation can change how a device works in one home vs another.
Locks, being battery powered, sleep a lot. When the hub issues a lock or unlock command, it can send that message out up to three times (not positive about three). If the lock is awake during the time the message is sent, the lock responds, locking or unlocking and acknowledging completion. If the hub doesn't get an acknowledgment from the device, it moves on. The reason a beaming repeater is important with locks is that they are able to store a message from the hub and when the lock wakes up and says "anything for me to do", the beaming repeater can forward the lock or unlock message.
A beaming repeater is rather important with locks. They are hardwired, Z-Wave Plus (some non plus are capable) and very importantly, should be opposite the lock rather than beside. If the device is on the same wall as the lock, the radio signal will need to go through everything within the wall (2x4s plumbing heating etc.) to get to and from the low powered radios in the lock.


Yale YRD256 specifically would be my vote from personal experience. Not limiting in any way. I have the Z-Wave Plus and it works great. Some have said they have a better experience with the Zigbee version.

[Edit] I should add that my lock closes very smoothly. If your current lock is a bit stiff and that’s not easily correctable, the Schlage is said to be stronger and better suited to those situations.

Is not supported by HE... never will.

As for Kwikset... I just like the product and zwave suits my house better then zigbee does.

Like I said this post is just asking for bashing... not towards you but towards others because so many are dead against Kwikset for silly reasons.

Frankly get both Kwikset and Schlage and/or Yale and test them out. That's exactly what I did and I went with Kwickset with zwave module... you can get it with zigbee also.


I have a Yale YRD 110-ZW-605 purchased from Amazon. Zwave (not plus) but that device works perfectly and was recognized in 5 seconds by HE. Works greatly without any problems, using Rule.
I linked it with my Lutron Caséta system and I just set a Rule to manage my porch light when somebody unlocks the Yale after sunset. Perfect, no need to add a PIR...
You can also monitor the battery level from HE and interact (notification if battery level under...)
The lock is about 5m straight from my hub (1 old thick meshed gypsum wall to go through).
Other advantage: keyless lock and for me it's a plus: no risks for a thief to open my door in 5 seconds, there is no physical key !
New models are available, check with your budget.

Umm what happens if the battery dies ??

Probably like the YRD256. Grab a 9v battery and hold it up to the contacts on the bottom. Gives you emergency power to operate the lock. Or just use the lock on the back door if you have one.

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sledgehammer time !


I'll throw in a vote for the August Smart Lock Pro. I really like the auto-unlock feature as well as the auto-lock and door open/close sensor.

I would like to see peoples experience and opinions about security of these locks. How hard are they to hack? I don't really know what's out there other than what I've read here

The Best Smart Locks for 2019 |


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I need both deadbolt style locks and regular door-handle locks.

Rock through your window or simple body weight against the door is much faster and easier. That will be used first.


Locks keep honest people out.


Locks and security systems are only deterants to thieves. Why bother hacking a smartlock when there is a house leaving it's door unlocked right next door? If someone is determined to get into your house, they are going to get in, one way or another. It's all about what level of risk you're willing to accept for your particular situation. For example, Oprah probably has a much better security system than Hubitat could provide. Because she's Oprah and has lots of people out there who want to meet her and crazies who want to kill her. I, myself, do not have that many people who want to kill me, so the security Hubitat can provide is plenty in my situation. Neither of us is 100% safe, you never can be. It's just being "safe enough" to make yourself comfortable in your own home.


Burglars don't hack or pick locks. I think the FBI statistics show roughly a 50/50 split between them coming in through an unlocked door/window and kicking in the door. Most are in and gone in under a minute.
As for physical security, locks are graded as to resistance to brute force. Even the top is only something like two blows of 130 lbs. I wouldn't think that would stop anyone.


Seriously, no burglar is going to waste any time hacking your lock when a sledge hammer or bump key will do.
Consumer locks keep honest people out, none of them deter real theves...