Recommend a Smart Lock?


The key (ironic) word in this sentence is TIME. A good thief will always access your house if he wants to.

If you add a security layer to your home, a burglar will probably visit another house,

I choose a keyless lock because I avoid with that system key bumper tools. It's another layer of security. That's it and that's enough. I hope that will lead any burglar to the next home available. Not fair for the neighbor, but I want to protect MY home.
And with all the cams around, I'm ok with that without going paranoid.

Btw, the Yale YRD110 uses a 9V battery, like the YRD256.


I buy my neighbors really expensive lawn art. They think it's because I like them. I think of it as a good investment in theft detergent.


And so it begins.....


I am liking keyless locks for the same reason.

Also if a burglar smashes a window or something, I know what happened. If you're inside, you hear it. If you're outside coming home, you see it.

With key locks and bumping it to allow for undetected access to me is more scary.

My neighbors were robbed while they were sleeping. That to me is a nightmare situation.


I used to love mine. Now I hate it.
The "upgrade" that disables auto-unlock if GPS is ever turned off really pisses me off.

If my battery starts running low, battery saver turns off GPS. Even if I turn it back on, the August lock has "kicked me off."

I generally turn my GPS during the day once I get to work. No reason for Google to track every place I go to. And I turn it back on for my commute home. But that disables auto-unlock. Really F'in annoying.


And also for insurances. If a burglar smashes your window to enter your home, it's easier to show them the proofs. If there is no proof of intrusion (bumped), that becomes a little bit more difficult.


(Passive Infrared Sensor) Motion Sensor - figured I'd put this here since I had to dig around for it.

Does this mean none of you exterior locks have keys?

We're in the process of getting a Yale Assure Lock SL with Z-Wave Plus - Key Free Door Lock with Touchscreen - (YRD256ZW20BP) for evaluation and are considering going completely keyless.


Absolutely. Nothing. Nada. That means no easy picklocking.
In case of problems (batteries dead, but HE can manage the battery level and you have also an audible warning from the lock), you can put a 9V battery on the external connectors of the lock.
And if you have a physical problem on the lock ? Yes, in that case, you are in trouble.
But I think the risk of thief/lockpicking is worse than a physical damage to the lock.
So my choice.


Here, in the land of the frozen, there is another serious consideration.
I have always recommended locks with push buttons - doors with just keypads tend to get frozen and it's difficult to recognize key presses.


Kwikset has worked perfect for me after switching to Zigbee. I agree with jtmpush18.


The Yale 110 that I have is also an "older" version with physical buttons. Quebec here, land where scientists determined and validated the 0 degree kelvin reference :crazy_face:


I've been using my August Pro for about a year now and am pretty happy with it. Ever since I started using it with my HE the door always locks when I leave and "almost" always unlocks when I get home. I should mention that I'm using the August Pro because I live in an apartment and it doesn't require any alterations to the exterior lock mechanism so maintenance can still get in if they need to.

Would I choose a different lock if I had the option, honestly I'm not sure. I'm happy enough with my August Pro that I don't really see any need to switch.


Thanks Zarthan! I always wondered why beaming was important...


I have 2 of these and they work fine and the hub is 25 ft away in a networking closet. Most all my switches and outlets are z-wave plus so I don't seem to ever have an issue of them not being woken when a rule runs.