Recommend a siren/speaker?

I currently have a Sonos device integrated but I don't feel it's appropriate for certain situations. Primarily, I have 2;
1 - chime when a door is opened
2 - alarm for things like flood/motion/door if in intrusion mode

I configured the sonos to talk when a door is opened but the volume is usually set too low and it's easy to miss. I know there are a bunch of sirens out there so just looking to hear from people who have used them.
Do any support custom tones? Can I play custom mp3's on a sonos for that matter?

Here are a few threads with a lot of info that will help.

Personally I can't recommend the Dome Siren. But I am waiting on the Aeotec Siren that was mentioned in the 3rd thread if it ever comes out.

I'm really happy with my Dome siren. I have it beep for a few different events from Hubitat and have never had a problem with multiple chimes going off together.