Recommend a Hardwired Zwave energy monitor outlet

I have 2 enerwave zw15rm-plus and they seem to enjoy randomly "forgetting" to report their energy usage. The company made it sound like a known issue when I contacted them. Anyone have a different device you can recommend?

I like the Zooz ZEN15 plugs. They can handle heavy loads which is also a plus.

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Ha, i have 4 enerwave devices, each one worse than the other. I have the same plug and it always reports zero. I do't know if it's junk or the driver needs work.
The peanut sockets work well. I'll assume the zooz zen15 also as I have a few zooz and they all work well

Peanuts are zigbee

I use the following to monitor energy.

4-Zooz Zen 20 Power Strips (1 is powering a Refrigerator and Freezer)
10-Fibaro FGWPB-121 Wall plugs (various appliances microwaves, washing machines, refrigerator, freezers)

Both work fine seem very accurate.

Sinope RM3250ZB Small Electrical Load Controller. Compatible, measures usage and has a built in driver for HE However, it’s Zigbee, not Z-Wave

The Sinope RM3250ZB seems way overpriced for my use (monitoring a few applicances). The Zooz looks interesting but are there any receptacle ones? Meaning these are all plugin devices, I really want something that replaces my outlet like the Enerwave...

Not z-wave. There's a Zigbee receptacle from Smartenit

Seems most use plugs instead of the receptacles is that the majority of the receptacles available only have one of the two outlets are actually controllable with zwave. The other is always on. therefore plugs you can control both outlets (as long as you don't get the older ones that block half the 2nd outlet)

OK. I could be persuaded to go zigbee. Any idea where I can find it?

Thanks! I assume it works with HE?

Dunno... don't have one. It's ZHA standard and if it doesn't just work then you could write a driver for it or ask someone to.

Yup I'm aware. NEC doesn't allow both outlets to be controlled. For my use that's OK. I just want to monitor my washer and the nonsmart one won't be used.

Even though it says it can handle 15A, Im not sure how comfortable I would be connecting a washer to this. In the specs it says its intended for lamps and TVs etc. A washer is potentially a high, power difficult load to switch. I would consider a ZEN15 for this application.

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I picked up a peanut plug... it always reports 0 watts with the Generic Zigbee Outlet driver... what am I doing wrong? I found a custom driver which also doesn't work. I'm reading I need to buy an Almond hub to update it first??? Did you recommend a device that doesn't actually work with HE???

I have a Zooz ZEN15 hooked to my washer (Samsung). Z-wave+ took 5 minutes to configure it. Report Volt, Amp, instant power (W) and energy (kWh). Works fine with HE.
Worth the purchase.

I'm sorry if your having trouble, mine work fine. You can try this driver, although people report it works with generic HE driver.
You may have gotten one with older firmware.

Here's mine

Are you using the same driver? I don’t see that it has a sync command like you show in your screenshot

Sorry, that is the view from my hub connect driver, on my main HE hub.
The plug is paired to hub 2 and connected to main hub via the hub connect app.
I do this to avoid the incompatiblity issue with the many xiaomi devices on my main hub. I run all my zigbee devices that don't play well with xiaomi devices, like the peanut and the Iris 3210-L plugs and osram bulbs and a few others, on my secondary hub.

Did yours start reporting power with the new driver?