Rebrand Dashboard? Create interface app for Hubitat

Hello my beloved community.

I wanted to know if there is a way to Create your own, (more visual or friendly) Hubitat interface, or modify the one we have.

Some users complain, the interface for the dashboard for Hubitat is not as friendly as others on the market. And I wanted to know if there is a way to improve that(rebrand), or If there is a way to program your own, maybe with visual basic or other programming language.

Since the final users for my project will be old(70+) and they might not be as "techi" as younger users, I wanted to know If the final panel or dashboard could be more "user friendly".

Again thanks for your time and for keeping this community so active.

There is a build-in app called MakerAPI that allows you to interact with Hubitat from another app via a HTTP REST interface. You can use pretty much whatever language you want to code as long as you use that app to interface with the hub.


You most certainly can. That is what SharpTools is. Or HousePanel. Nothing is stopping you from writing an interface app that talks to the hub through HTTP doing whatever you want. But that would require you to not only write the app for Hubitat but also the code for the dashboard. I don't think you realize how big a job what you are proposing is. Talk to Josh over at's his full-time job.


I've been messing around with Maker API and a local web server running on a Raspberry Pi and leveraging FontAwesome, Bootstrap and some JSON calls, it's been pretty fun so far.

I can't recommend "Postman" ( enough to help get a handle on what is possible via MakerAPI

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I use postman a lot too for a lot of the projects i've worked on in the house. They just announced they're expanding it also but they made sure to call out the free version will be sticking around, thank goodness.

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You may also want to try HomeRemote as well.
(See the following discussion. I personally haven't used the product).

The only way I've found to improve it is via coding. Definitely a barrier for the masses. However, with some CSS and a bit of copy paste from knowledgeable individuals some improvements are possible.