Reboot remotely?

My hub says No response from hub.

I’m away from home and it’s ip gives me that error, I also have the app installed is there any way to reboot it?

I have local access as I can VPN to my local network.

You might want to look at using the diagnostic tool in the HE Mobile app, that should hopefully get you into and interface where you can reboot the hub.

It gives me a error “safari could not open the page because it could not connect to the server .

That might be one for @gopher.ny or @bobbyD to look into.

You'll need to power-cycle to resolve this.

If I was home sure but I won’t be home for another week so it means all my security sensors are down.

I know it doesn't help right now, but this is exactly why I have my HE on a Kasa plug.


Same here, something unrelated to HE although I guess the Kasa plug could be accessed through either HE or the Kasa cloud.

If the hub platform isn't accessible on port 80 (also ports 443, 8080, and 8443), and the diagnostic tool isn't accessible on port 8081, then the only option left is to power-cycle the hub.

As has been repeatedly stated on this forum, and in the Hubitat documentation, Hubitat is not a security system. It is a home automation platform that can monitor smart devices.

Pretty much the same idea - I have my hubs on zigbee plugs that are paired to, and controlled by, a different platform.


My camera system still works but still a disappointment that none of my sensors are working.

Guess I will need to invest in a smart plug that is not dependent on Hubitat. I also run a hue hub.

Strange since I’ve had zero issues until I’m 1,000 miles from home.

Maybe you can try shutting down the switch port it's tied to for a few and re-enable it? About the only thing I can think to try.

These Innr outlets work very well with the Hue hub (they also work with Hubitat).


To make sure bases are covered: are you trying to access your hub through the VPN? Have you done that before and are sure that part works? Or are you VPNing to a device on your home subnet and then connecting to the hubitat from that ?

Do you have access to something to make sure the hub's ip address hasnt changed?

Using my VPN gives me access to everything on my network just like I’m at home.

I can try to shut off my UniFi switch and back on but I’d be very surprised if that works.

Same here. You can just disable the port without restarting the whole switch though.

if you have a PoE switch, although it's not approved by hubitat, using something like a PoE splitter ( can use power from your PoE switch to power your HE. then if it's unresponsive, restart the PoE on the port to remotely power cycle it. i will neither confirm nor deny if this is how i have mine set up as again, this is not the recommended configuration from hubitat


There's nothing wrong with using active PoE. Active PoE does not push power unless the device on the other end requests it. To my knowledge, there's nothing against using PoE power splitters either. The problem is if you hook the Ethernet up to a port with passive PoE as they push power no matter what and that can definitely fry the hub.

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This thread made smile –the CYA that HE is not a security system. Yet probably 95% of its users use it as such in some form.

It won’t help the OP at the moment, but plugging the hub into a simple electronic (not the mechanical rotary type) timer set to turn off, then back on after 60 seconds every day is an easy fix that does not rely on an Internet connection. Then if the hub stops responding, it will do so for no more than 24 hours.

At one time I used various cellular provider’s cellular router for an Internet connection. On occasion, it would lockup – it was never determined if it was the router/cell tower/cell system. Powering off the router for five minutes at 3:00 am, then powering on, cleared the bit bucket on both ends and the connection was reestablished. My internal network continued to hum along during the reboot.

Make note of the date and time the problem was first noticed so the logs can examined. This incident may be an indicator it will happen again.

You are, in effect, causing the hub to crash, and may corrupt the data base by doing so. Thus, NOT a recommended solution.


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