RBoy app for smartlocks

Like many people on here I am using an RBoy app and device handler in ST to handle my Yale ZWave smartlock. Today I shot them an email asking if they ever intend on porting their app and DH over to Hubitat. Below is the email I received back from them.

Would one of you who work at Hubitat please reply to them? It would be very beneficial to get this guy on-board our platform.

Hi David,

We have reached out to the Hubitat leadership for a partnership and are awaiting a response from them to move forward.



On Thu, Apr 5, 2018 at 4:06 PM, David


I use your lock app in SmartThings with my Yale ZWave lock, but am currently switching over to Hubitat. I was just wondering if you had any plans to port your apps over to Hubitat. From the app porting wiki on the Hubitat page, it looks like the changes that would need to be made would be minimal. I would gladly pay a separate fee for access to your ported apps.


David Bennett


Here is the address I used to contact him. If anyone else would like their apps on Hubitat, you may want to send them an email as well so he knows interest is high. support@rboyapps.com

Agreed. I’d even pay again for the app ported to Hubitat. I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worlh from his apps in ST.

I sent an email and got a quick reply. For those who’ve paid for the app in smart things I recommend you send an email as well

This was the reply I received.

Thank you for the feedback. I’ll pass this along to RBoy as well.

Please do spread the word about RBoy Apps, the more folks how show interest and purchase our apps, it will allow us to expand our services and apps to new platform as well.

I just sent the Email and got this reply,
" We have reached out to the Hubitat leadership for a partnership and are awaiting a response from them to move forward.

In the meanwhile you can help spread the word, the more folks who subscribe to RBoy Apps, it will allow us to expand our team to support additional platforms.



I’m curious who is the “Hubitat leadership” they reached out to and what is the status of their response ???

I would love to know as well. Nothing but crickets so far.

I asked Rboy that and he never answered. I also suggested he email HE Support.

@bravenel and @bobbyD have either of you been in communication with Rboy?

Based on the reply I received and the comments of others here from their contact with them, “Rboy” wants this to be a new revenue stream and won’t be porting over his code to Hubitat unless he can get a piece of the pie. I wouldn’t hold our breath for this to happen anytime soon

I figured it would work the same way as it does on ST. You have to pay to get access to his code from his website. Then it’s a simple copy and paste in the apps and driver sections. I’m already a member so just need them to port the code over.

Another option would be to somehow become a ‘Premium service’ that was talked about at launch. Would be a great fit.

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I’d be happy to pay the same price for the Hubitat drivers. I think a fair price would be.
New Members Hubitat Only - One Price
New Members ST Only - One Price
New Members ST&Hubitat - Higher price, not double, but a premium
Members who already have a ST license - Add on fee


I’ll add my name to the list of people willing to pay to have the apps / drivers on hubitat.

Has anyone tried using Rboy’s app on the ‘virtual’ device created by the Otherhub integration?

I’m getting seriously frustrated with my Yale 226 deadbolt on ST - it is so flakey that I really can’t rely on it at all…

The only reason it’s still there is because it’s easier to program/maintain the codes with Rboy’s app. If his app would work with the virtual device DTH from Otherhub, I’d move this thing today…

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The SmartApp that programs the codes on the lock won’t work via other hub integration. The app needs to talk to the lock directly via Zwave commands. Unfortunately his licensing policy prevents modifying his code so you couldn’t port the SmartApp to HE either. Doubt it would work without a lot of changes anyway.

Urgh… so, then next question - I know that @mike.maxwell and folks are working on a lock manager app here on HE. In the meantime, how has the experience been for people programming/changing codes via the current HE web interface?

I don’t change the codes super often, so I’d be willing to trade convenience for reliability…

I moved over a lock that I don’t use that often to test things out and have to admit managing the codes via the driver was very clunky and the codes just show up on the form and are not masked. Given there is no login to HE at the moment, I didn’t want that exposed. So I moved the lock back to ST. Locks and thermostats are the only items I have on ST at this point.

Hoping the HE app under development is feature rich like Rboys. I use his custom rules to turn things on/off and notifications depending on the code used to unlock the lock.


I'm new to Hubitat (just received my Hub yesterday) and trying to migrate from Smartthings. Is there a formal support process or is everything handled through the community?

I am also looking for guidance on how rboy can be supported on Hubitat (especially Lock Manager and Garage Door) - I reached out to rboy yesterday and the response was that they haven't gotten any response from Hubitat and I see in this thread Hubitat saying the same thing. How do we break the stalemate?

you can email support@hubitat.com

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I am curious what apps and drivers you used to expose the codes?

At this point I am not holding my breath for RBoy to jump on board. Seems there would need to be strong financial incentive to consider porting his apps. Not sure if hubitat user base is there yet.

I am hoping soon that hubitat will release increased functionality for locks. Tagging staff here, maybe someone could give some updated info on the subject?

@mike.maxwell @patrick @bravenel

I used the stock lock driver. You can set codes through it, though not very intuitive and I don't like the fact that the codes are in clear text on the lock especially since there is no login for Hubitat yet. I ended up moving the lock back to ST because there was no app to manage codes.

The Hubitat staff has mentioned they will release a lock code app. I am just hoping it is as feature rich as Rboy's app because I use quite a bit of his custom actions for specific codes.

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You are right - I hadnt even caught this. However my schlage log reports back in log with this

UserCodeReport- cmd: UserCodeReport(userIdentifier:2, userIdStatus:1, userCode:**********)

I actually think I remember seeing something about this in RBoy's code.

I guess my question is if the log can see which code is being used why couldnt this information be passed to other apps like like RM to enable automation's based on which user code is used?