Random Problems with small section of C5's is likely a QC issue at factory

If Bobby can help me get this resolved and get me a properly working hub then I will likely be buying a second shortly after that to use for load balancing. I am approaching 100 devices so its time to get serious and either have 2 good hubs or start transitioning over to HA until something else comes along. I need my automation and network rock solid, which I now know IS possible with HE if I can get a good unit to replace this faulty one.

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I don't mind at all, maybe the activity will get some attention and we can track down the cause of some of these issues before i need to ship these hubs on to their owner. He's been kind enough to tell me to hang onto them for a couple days, but I know the longer he is waiting on these the longer his home is out of whack.

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adding back to the original topic... heres the latest CRC error total since my initial post

2 new hubs still haven't thrown a single error. my hub almost 7k of them!!!!!

Very compelling evidence. If there's an explanation for how the CRC errors are NOT due to a hardware defect, then it's bound to be an interesting one.

Having that unit replaced seems like the quickest, cheapest route to making you a happy customer.

They can then do their own testing of the allegedly defective unit. If they've collected similar data, this may be prove to be a random defect, potentially part of a batch of known defective units, or the first of a batch. Whichever, it's valuable information they can forward to their supplier.

Just curious if you've tested with a proper, known to be good, twisted pair cable instead of the flat cable the hub ships with? I know that short a length isn't supposed to be an issue with cross-talk, but I just personally don't trust flat cables and they always go straight to the bin with a kind smile and a "thanks, but no thanks" to the manufacturer for thinking of me.

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I believe he did:

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where abouts in you router dose it display these?

By the way, @SmartHomePrimer:
Just the other day I installed a new, fresh out of the box, Hubitat Hub with that flat cable that it came with. Green light on the Hubitat says "GO" to me, but I couldn't reach the hub. Couldn't reach it no matter what I tried. It was getting an IP address from the router, but everything was saying "connection refused".
After around 2 hours of banging my head against the wall (it's pretty flat, by now), I switched cables to a spare Cat6 that I happened to have in my bag.
Preseto! Everything worked!
Forgive my inexperience, but a new cable doesn't work? How many times has that happened to you?

Never because I don't give the flat cables a chance :rofl: They go straight into the garbage!

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Of course :slight_smile: I despise the flat cables due to interference issues and how easy the wires in them break.

Only tested with them at all because I was certain someone here would ask if I knew if any of the Ethernet cables that came with the units were bad... Using standard cat6 (solid core not the UTP crap) the errors still persist on my hub.

Meanwhile almost another 1000 CRC errors since the last update.

Well I guess just get it swapped out. Stuff happens.

It always puts a smile on my face when we're shocked at how not every single electronic device flying off the line every 30 seconds isn't absolutely perfect. :grinning: It speaks to the level of accuracy the human race has been able to achieve thus far. It boggles the mind.

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Exactly. I know the amount of testing we as users can do is very limited, but the devs have full root access to these boxes, and can also open them to inspect them without voiding the warranty, and I would assume have a bench set up for testing components on these. It would take them a matter of minutes to determine what is wrong with this hub and then they can ensure no one else is affected by this.

Router does not. Switch however does.

Thats what I have been trying to do for the almost 2 months I have had it. Support has yet to reply to me at all. These forum posts are out of frustration that I am being ignored so far by support. Not even a hey can you try this or that for us. Total silence so far on this issue.

OK. Well, there's a lot of support to do for a small team. So let's start with making them aware of your posts here, since I don't see @bobbyD tagged anywhere.

Tagged in the very first post I made..... Scroll Up... I have also emailed them several times....

I've been very patient with this, still am. Just want it resolved and the devs aware so they can make sure that no one else is affected and prevent bad PR for HE if there is a larger issue they are unaware of.

Understood. I'm gonna be totally honest, and please don't take this as a criticism or minimizing of your issue, but if I had that kind of support load that they have here with a flood of new IRIS, Wink and ST users (increasing daily), your issue would be lower on the list. Since you've already stated you have two other hubs you can use, that's maybe part of how that factors in. Maybe I don't have the full story about the other hubs, or I missed something, and I apologize if that's the case.

There's also a thing that a support team will tend to do out of necessity, and that's to not pursue everything immediately, because often a customer solves the issue themselves. So if you have this massive workload (that never stops by the way) and then you take time to follow up on what might just be a cable (I know you said it's not, but also don't expect that their following this thread either), then you just keep on addressing the ever growing pile, because you have no time to spare.

Taking this to a PM with one of the staff is a good way to help with that. :wink:


I checked my tx and rx errors which I’m assuming are CRC errors on the 4 ports my C4 hubs are connected too. 0 0 0 1 and some of those ports have traffic over 20GB on them. My dev machine a lot more. I have not reset these counters ever afaik but not sure what period that covers.

What I would say is that if this is a hardware issue and the major contributor to slowdowns at least it’s identified and fixable. Rather than worryingly just lurking in the OS / software. Or maybe you do just have a duff unit.

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No I have another users new hubs that he was gracious enough to allow me to use for a couple days to prove mine has a defect so maybe they would stop ignoring me.

If they weren't ignoring me I would. This is my last resort to get them to help me before
I take this to amazon and allow them to deal with it and all the headaches that triggers for the HE team.

Please stop trying to make excuses for them.

Regardless of company size 2 months is entirely to long to wait for support to try and help you with a hardware defect. Be glad I love the product, understand their issues and am willing to try and wait and work with them.

I could just as easily be a dick and report this to amazon, let amazon deal with it, and let the team deal with the backlash from amazon, including potentially being pulled from the platform.

I don't want that, and am trying very hard to avoid having to do that, BUT I am getting very annoyed with being ignored and having others make excuses for both my problem and my not getting help.

Exactly!! I feel like some people think I am here to attack the platform and I am not at all!! Im trying to get my issue fixed and strengthen the platform by making support aware of a potential QC/hardware issue! Private channels get me no reply so I am taking it to the public channel in hopes it will get their attention finally.


Don't throw accusation at me please. You are not me. I gave you my opinion, that is it. I wasn't rude to you, please don't be rude back to me. I've been in support roles for over 30 years. I know the territory.

If you bought the hub from Amazon, I'm now wondering why you would do all this publicly and state that you're just concerned about bad PR for them. You are actually contributing to bad PR right now by suggesting that there are QC issues. You don't actually know that, it's an assumption. Why people don't just use Amazons very generous return policy, especially for "defective" items, is far beyond my understanding.

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Not an accusation you literally just came on my thread, didn't even bother taking the time to read what I wrote, then made excuses for them. Fact.

If you've been in support for over 30 years than I think you would know EXACTLY why I don't want to go through amazon... It would be a mark against HE's ODR which can cause them to be pulled from the platform losing a massive sales channel!!!

That being said I am sorry if I was rude... again I am very frustrated after 2 months of trying to get this resolved and being constantly told by users to basically deal with it while support ignores me.

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